Example of a “Coming Out” Email to a Client

I’m in the custom software database business.  Some of my work is long-distance, but I visit the clients in person every now and then.   Here’s an email I sent to a SF Bay Area client who has known me and worked with me for about 10 years and hasn’t seen me in about eight months.

If you like any of the wording herein, feel free to use any or all of it.

* * * * * * * * * *

“… In other news, I’ve figured out something that has been my own personal struggle for decades, and I’ve tried to keep it my problem and not my clients’ problem until I had it figured out.  Basically, I’m transgender which means that when I was born, the doctor checked the wrong box in the “boy baby” or “girl baby” part of the birth certificate — not something he could see since this particular genetic mutation is where the baby’s head is wired female but the hormone-making parts are male, and the chromosomes are male.  I finally saw a counselor, got tested etc. and turns out that I haven’t been imaging things all these years, and yes, I really am one of these rare people who have male other parts but a female brain.  So, I’m basically changing my life around to fit how my head is wired, and I’ve been saving $ where I can and having a few procedures done in the right direction, such as my Adam’s apple now being gone. I’m also relearning how to walk, talk and dress.  Learning how to talk differently is the hardest part.  Anyway, here’s what I look like nowadays:


And, none of this is secret.  [Person A] and [Person B] (mutual acquaintances) know, and life goes on. I’m still me, just happier.


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