The Battle of Ideas

Me, dressed sexilyIn life, but especially as a transgendered girl or guy, it helps to understand that like the earth not being flat, someone being transgender is simply a fact — yet these facts can be mighty unpopular with some people.

Their opinions matter to themselves greatly. They present them in the strongest possible terms and treat as if these were the messages of divine and universal truth. In actual fact they deserve to mean less than “very little” in the grand scheme of things.

Someone saying, “that’s disgusting” doesn’t have a monopoly on what’s universally disgusting.  It simply means that this individual personally considers something to be disgusting.

Me, wearing my favorite dressSuch an individual is welcome to his or her opinion, but it’s just one person’s opinion. When it comes to transgender issues, the most anti-transgender folks are often those whose opinions are uninformed, flawed, and illogical. Yet what they lack in the merit of their opinions, they compensate for in rudeness and emphasis, probably because the opinions cannot stand on merit.  If you’re transgender, it can be hard to realize how truly meaningless such anti-transgender opinions are, but it’s been really helpful to me to reach the point where others’ negative world views don’t affect me negatively, including about transgender issues and about me.

Now that I’ve reached that point: from a position of strength, I can and choose to identify flaws in anti-transgender ideas.   That’s what this part of this blog is about.

In this section, you can read about:

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