Some Progress in Law Enforcement

A former romantic partner of mine is from Brazil, and her parents lived in Minas Gerais, which was mentioned a couple of times in the Transgender day of Remembrance, in Reno.  Minas Gerais means “general mining area” hence mines, mine-workers, etc.  It’s a pretty rugged area.

Recently, a 19-yo transgender girl prostitute there was about to meet a client but instead he and two other bad guys beat her up and stole $9 and a cell phone off her.  That’s bad.

Now, my attempt to focus on the more-positive part of the news:

  • It’s probably also a decent guess that this happens to non-transgender-girl prostitutes too, especially in such a rugged area.
  • She was taken to the emergency room, which is better than not.
  • She was discharged from the emergency room, which is better than needing an extended stay.
  • The cops found the bad guy and charged him, yay!
  • And, the cops are continuing to look for the other two as well, yay!

So, it’s a bad situation, but some silver lining too. It could have been a lot worse.  I especially like how the cops are taking it seriously.  Not that long ago, the mere fact that the victim is transgender might well have made the situation play out much worse.