Invisalign – Others’ Reactions

When my friends heard I’m doing Invisalign …

Ms. S expressed surprise and delight and although to me her teeth look perfect (along with the rest of her aesthetics) she’s interested in it for herself too. She will be observing my journey with interest.

Mr. J recalled the days when he had braces himself. and they were not Invisalign .He recalled how on some days the discomfort from the metal braces would make him tempted to be downright cranky.

Ms. J has the sort of natural good looks that make me tend to presume she’s walked out of a picture book and that there’s generally no room for improvement but then she opened her mouth and showed me that indeed, her lower teeth are not straight — to the extent that she’s not sure Invisalign could even help her. Since my own lower teeth are even less straight than hers, she also will be observing my journey with interest.

* * *

As my own side comment:

I do webcam modeling. Being a transgender girl, I operate in a niche market of sorts, but bottom line, pretty females have a lot in common, transgender or not.  For this reason (and because I am attracted to girls) I like to observe my competition, transgender or not, and learn what looks good and what doesn’t.

One of the prettiest girls on the site has metal braces, and she looks amazing until she smiles and the metal braces really do detract.  She’s in Russia and I don’t know if they have Invisalign there but she’d probably make yet more money if she had Invisalign instead.

This brings up another point.  As an aesthetically  transitioning transgender girl, I’ve very aware that I look odd to most, and on bad days I feel self-conscious.  Metal braces, instead of my current bright white smile, would have made me more self-conscious yet … yay for Invisalign!



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