Disclaimer: Nothing on this page indicates or implies that the Invisalign company endorses or is even aware of me, what I do, and my use of their product.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Naturally, few people have straight teeth.  And yet, the magazine images and movies tend to focus on these few folks.

As to my own situation: my upper teeth have always been basically OK but my lower teeth were very much not.  I’d given up on addressing the issue, but one of my concerns is that one day, with a more feminized face, my lower teeth will be more visible, and they’re not even remotely straight. And, I’m coming to care about how I look, more and more.

The lady who’s the real-life person behind the Secret Diary of a Call Girl has pointed out that:

  • She doesn’t have straight teeth,
  • She thinks straight teeth look fake, and
  • She personally made vast amounts of money with her teeth not being straight.

I found her implied point to be well-reasoned: a girl can be attractive without having straight teeth.

I do My legspart-time lingerie modeling and indeed, I have yet to have my not-so-straight lower teeth ever be mentioned as a client concern, perhaps because I’m generally pretty enough and the visual focus during such shows is on my legs anyway.

As I’m coming to grips more and more with being female, I’m making a point of being equally critical of the aesthetics of

  • Myself
  • The females I see in real life around me: at the grocery store, on the street and so on.

That’s been a good reality check.  Compared to national beauty pageant contestants, I have a long way to go, but compared to people I see around me, I actually look quite good already.

So, without a “gotta have it” agenda, I was nevertheless interested.  I’m in the peculiar situation of having two dentists, and I like each of them.  My Livermore dentist is the star of this Invisalign story.  His name is Dr. Endre Selmeczy and he’s been my dentist since the late 1990s, as I recall.  He also happens to be one of the most genuinely caring people I know, and he has long since also become a personal friend.  His website explains what he does in more detail.

* * *

So, this page and others like it will have my story (with pictures) of my happy-so-far Invisalign journey, with all of its realism.

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