The Consequences of Diligent Facial Waxing

2015-09-18 17.27.29There’s a sub-plot in the series “Orange is the New Black” in which a transsexual girl is on feminizing hormones in prison, and then the prison cuts back on the dosage. The girl is in anguish because of the anticipated consequences. The anticipated regrowth of her body and facial hair is one of the things she mentions as a basis for concern. Feminizing hormones help keep that in check, I’ve read.

Personally, I chose not to wait. I started waxing my body and facial hair away long before I started taking feminizing hormones. And “patience is a virtue” certainly applies here.

I have waxed my body and facial hair so much that, in anticipation of going to a pool party this weekend, I waxed my legs, chest and tummy. Then I took a container of wax, some shaving cream and some razors to my mom, with a request that she do her hair removal magic on my back and shoulders since it’s hard for me to reach there. It’s been several months since last time.  “I can’t,” she said. “There isn’t any [hair to remove, any more].”

Yay!! Victory over the dark forces has been achieved.

As for my face, I’ve been waxing that so diligently that the only surviving strands of hair are few and far between. Hair grows in phases, and so when I wax then I damage the hair follicles in a particular cycle of the hair growth rate. The other follicles are unaffected. So I must then wax again later, to damage them too. Timing matters because if I wait too long then those follicles will once again be in the mode where waxing doesn’t affect them. I don’t measure the cycle changes; I just wax often and hope for the best.

It helps to approach wax on the premise of “I wax to destroy the hair follicles” and the short-term benefits are not the main focus.

It’s working. Here’s a close-up of me a few days ago, with no make-up. Notice the few isolated strands of remaining hair? That’s what the remaining resistance now amounts to … a few isolated strands. I make a point of waxing them too; shaving them would give them a reprieve. When I looked at the post-wax papers, they used to look like a carpet, having just removed a thick mat of hair (yes, eww).  Now I have to look hard and squint to see the few light-colored hairs. As for the few black hairs; they’re also down to one here, one there.

Yay! Perseverance wins.

Waxing your Body Hair into Oblivion

IMAG2032 For many, most or all t-girls, body hair is a major source of frustration and it makes us feel unfeminine.

Shaving is a short-term fix with unpleasant long-term implications, since the stubble that grows out makes us feel less feminine yet.

Waxing hurts A LOT but this is what I do to get rid of body hair. It’s working. Not just do I look and feel smooth after a session, but the process of ripping out body hair by the root isn’t good for the follicles. Eventually, the hairs that still grow out become softer and lighter, and eventually a follicle might just stop growing hair altogether.

I’m not there yet, but I can see myself making progress. I love that.

I also love the effect it has on how desirable it makes me. I recall sitting across a lounge table from a gentleman on a date, and he suddenly reached out and trailed his fingers over the top of my thigh in a way that made it pretty clear it was something he’d been wanting to do for a long time.

Another time, I was wearing a stripper dress to Walgreens (not a great idea, I know) and a male customer came and stood next to me and slowly touched my shoulder in the same way as the other gentleman had, and he seemed to like what he felt because the first thing he said to me right after that suggested that he would very much like to take me to bed.

So, if you wanna get touched in public by random male strangers, waxing is a good step in that direction.

Waxing is also a good thing to start doing right now with a view to the long term, because if you get boob implants then waxing becomes non-viable for a long time: you can’t very well go ripping out hair in the vicinity of the scar, otherwise you might rip the wounds open and end up with a big emergency room bill. So, the best time to get your body hair to stop growing is before it’s time for your implant surgery. That might also help you feel better about not yet being able to afford boob implant surgery just yet.

For t-girls who are not publicly “out” yet, getting rid of body hair might be a good stealth maneuver that is affordable, safe (if you do it right) and has good short-term and long-term consequences. And, presumably the only people who will see your skin under your clothing are those whom you probably trust with the “I’m a t-girl” news anyway. And even if you tell NObody then your “significant other” might well think that the new, smooth-skinned “you” is an improvement, and that might make you more confident as to the next step, whatever that means for you.

2015-02-07 15.44.01I’ve tried many different types of wax, and for the process from the neck down (yes, even THERE) “Nair Ultimate with Argan Oil” is what I use. For facial waxing I plan to write a separate article.

You can typically get this at CVS or Walgreens for $15 or less. My most recent such purchase was at CVS for less than $12.

When you buy wax, don’t just buy one box: buy two or three. I’ve sometimes bought and then opened a box and saw it’s lacking paper (as in, the factory messed up or, more likely, someone stole it and resealed the box). It’s a good idea to make sure the box you’re about to buy is securely sealed to avoid this sort of problem. Ideally, the wax and paper will both run out at the same time, but in real life that hardly ever happens. so you might be glad you have some extra paper because you bought more than one box of wax.

If you feel geeky, you can go Google the ability for various materials to store heat energy, and you’ll learn that wax pretty trumps EVERYthing. In other words, it takes a lot of energy to heat wax up and then after it’s hot, wax stores a lot of energy. If you put too-hot wax on your skin, it’s not likely to stop burning until you’re at the emergency room with permanently damaged skin or no skin at all.

As you embark on this adventure, keep in mind that of all the many substances on the planet that retain heat energy, you’re about to go heat up the most dangerous one — and then smear the stuff on yourself. And it’s sticky. If it burns, you can’t rinse it off. If all this scares you, good. It should.

This is where a prudent person would read some, most or all of the instructions but most people just muddle through, and they’d rather get a root canal than read the instructions, especially if they were raised in male culture. So, read it or don’t read it, whatever works for you. It’s not my position to lecture you.

To proceed:

First of all, undo the white plastic cap and then remove & discard the little plastic cork at the top of the bottle. If you don’t, wax will overpressurize and it’ll be both dangerous and messy. Put the white top back.

Put the wax bottle onto a large plate with a paper towel above the plate. Then put the bottle, paper and plate in the microwave oven. Ouch, yes, the plate can get very hot.

Be sure to heat the wax up for only half a minute and then give it a minute for the heat to spread, and then test just a tiny bit of it very gingerly with a body part you’re not that fond of anyway (and no, don’t use THAT one). Presume that whatever body part you use might get burned. So, if you’re a software developer, don’t use your fingers. Use your big toe or elbow.

If the wax is even a little too hot, don’t presume it’ll probably cool off when it hits your skin. It won’t.

Gradually heat up the wax more and more until it’s pleasantly warm but not hot — not even a little too hot. If it’s too hot, then patiently wait for a long time for the wax to cool down. Staring at it makes it take longer so instead go find something else to do for the next fifteen minutes and then test the temperature again.

If you time the process and you learn that for your specific type of microwave oven, it takes a minute to warm up the wax, then remember that this time is for a full bottle of wax. If you later go heat up less than an entire bottle, a minute will make it too hot.

Put down paper towels everywhere you’re going to be doing the waxing, e.g. if it’s the bathroom, put it on the toilet, washbasin, sink etc.

Strip naked, and put your hair away in a ski cap or shower cap. Put on disposable gloves. I use Black Dragon gloves that I buy at Autozone. Recruit someone who loves you very much, to help with the areas you can’t reach such as your back.

Using the roll-on mechanism, smear a small amount of warm wax onto your skin, press the paper over it and rip it off. The faster you rip, the better. I can’t emphasize this enough. This is why it’s good to do this yourself for every part of you except where you can’t reach, because someone who loves you enough to help you probably also won’t wanna hurt you. In sympathy, they might pull the paper off too slowly — which makes it hurt a lot more. After they see you do it quickly, they might feel OK with following your example, but be sure to verbalize your concerns ahead of time, and do explain why.

Whenever you rip the paper off, the skin has to be taut. Your private parts and thighs might need an extra hand so as to keep the skin tight enough.

It’s going to be tempting to go over the same areas again and again right away, in case the first time didn’t remove all the hairs. If you want to damage your skin, that’s what you should do. It’s what I do. I tolerate the skin damage because for once I wanna feel smooth, dammit. If I were smarter I’d just treat every square inch of skin once, and then a few day later do it again — not a minute later.

Because wax holds its heat for a long time, you might not need to go re-heat the wax. Or, you might. If the wax is painful to roll on, then I go warm up the wax a little more — just a little, because every trip to the microwave has the potential for making the wax too hot and ending up being burned, literally.

I’m about 5’11 1/2″ with an athletic build, and for me, one bottle has enough wax to do my front from my neck down to above my nether region, and my under-arm area, and my forearms. That’s all. I like being smooth all over, so I need more than one bottle of wax to get the job done, though sometimes I need a break after one bottle and then I use the next bottle another day.

I focus on my underarm area, and my front, because that’s the area around my boobs. Being permanently hairless there is a self-imposed prerequisite for me getting a boob job. I also focus on my forearms because that’s the part of me that I see the most, e.g., as I type on a computer keyboard.

If you’re surprised and emboldened by your ability to tolerate the pain, don’t get too cavalier because as the waxing process approaches your nether regions, your skin becomes a lot more sensitive.

In the beginning, I’d bite down so hard in reaction to the pain that I was afraid I might chip a tooth, so get a piece of wood or something to bite on if the pain is that intense for you.

When you are almost done, don’t presume that any residue will easily wash off. Wax can takes a long time to wash off. So, use the paper to remove any stray pieces of wax and get yourself as wax-free as you can. Then, go take a long, warm-to-hot shower and use soap to wash the areas you waxed.

After a waxing session, I personally wait a few hours before I put on moisturizer. I figure I might clog up my pores otherwise, though I don’t have any evidence for that; it’s a guess but it seems reasonable.

Anyway, I hope you do this better than I do and that you are always safe. I also hope you love the results.

Don’t be surprised if a body waxing session improves your self-confidence, sex life or both.

As with everything I write, follow my advice at your own risk.