Some Super-Nice Feedback for Treasure Island, Las Vegas

Something I just posted on the hotel’s website:

I stayed at Treasure Island, Las Vegas for four nights, and I’d be happy to do so again. In every way I can list, the quality was wonderful — the check-in staff, the folks who helped with luggage, the Starbucks folks, the coffee shop servers, the housekeeping staff … but what made it especially nice is how transgender-friendly *everyone* was.

I’m a 6′ tall transgender girl, clearly not a genetically integrated girl and clearly not male either.  My aesthetics have an effect that tends to fluster especially young males, and not in a good way.  I take it as it comes but I don’t like it.

I just finished writing a review about another hotel where the front-desk staff seemed to feel so awkward that I chose to leave early.  They weren’t mean, just struggling to deal with the concept.  By contrast, everyone I dealt with at Treasure Island, Las Vegas either has received good training on what transgender girls are and how to deal with us (like any other girl) or everyone was just naturally gracious and savvy.

Either way, my stay there was super-nice and I liked it a lot.  It’s such a relief to simply be treated like the girl that I essentially am, without it being an issue.