Traveling Abroad as the Girl I am

I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to travel as a t-girl with an officially female status, all nicely integrated, including what’s on my passport.

I had practice conversations in which immigration officials were mean, and I prepared myself mentally for that.

I’ve read how any t-girls visiting Hong Kong are routinely sidelined into a room where they’re simply made to wait for hours on end, for no reason.

And, in Muslim countries, it doesn’t really matter what the t-girl’s ticket says, because it can often be a one-way ticket, guaranteed.

So, cynical as to some of the possible risks, I choose carefully where I do and don’t go.

Canada, the UK and Germany are very t-girl friendly, and that’s not enough reason to justify trips to those countries, but there were some good business reasons too. Off I went. Everything went well, including the interaction with immigration officials.

Probably a key factor is that I sound and look feminine enough. That helped. I know I still look like a t-girl but at least I think the scale is starting to tip in the right direction.

There was one mean guy slouching on a bench at the Cologne main railway station in the middle of the night, but apart from that one person, people were super-nice to me. So one out of the thousands I walked past or interacted with … not a bad ratio. And I didn’t throw rocks at me or anything. He just said “Shemale” mockingly as I walked past. I don’t presume to blend so, well, duh.

20141215_183053Here is a picture of me at near Waterloo station by the South Bank of the Thames, in London, a very Christmassy and cheerful place in mid-December. The picture is kinda bright due to the flash, sorry.