Next, as to my Plans

A friend of mine asked what my future plans are.

My reply:

I plan to move to Las Vegas more formally, and rent a nice place there and build my businesses (in Northern and Southern Nevada both) and pay off some financial debt.

During that time, I plan to lose some weight (whatever little body fat I still have, plus some muscle so that I don’t look unfemininely bulky).

After that, I plan to get facial surgery so I have less of a rugged jawline, and less of a male brow. Probably some other minor facial reshaping is in order then, too.

I really don’t like looking so male that some guys call me “sir.” It feels awkward for me to correct them. If I look male enough to them then it’s for me to go do a better job of looking more female, if I wanna be recognized as such. And, I do.

Once I look like that, I’ll probably treat myself to a lovely pair of DDD boobies. I have very prominent lower ribs so whatever I get needs to be large enough to cover these ribs and to use them as a sort of shelf and foundation.

IMAG9106ARight now, when I choose clothing, anything with a cleavage-revealing cut does me no good, and it’ll be nice to be able to wear nice clothing like that.

Besides, the ample-breasted, long-legged, round-assed pretty blonde is a look I personally like so I’ll be able to get my aesthetic kicks by simply looking in the mirror. I would like that. It’s sort of like buying a nice car to look at, at will, instead of having to hope that one will drive by.