The Red Dress, or: the Joys of Being a Lingerie Model / Stripper

This week, I was quite broke. But, there is a lot that a transgender girl can go and do, instead of feeling sorry for herself and whining about life.

Some months ago, I bought an old BMW sports car with a bad transmission. With much help from two wonderful friends, I swapped out the transmission and the car now drives beautifully.

In California, I could probably sell the car for double what I paid for it. So, Sunday night, I drove it to California, parked it at a Greyhound Bus Station and took the bus back to Reno, arriving back at 6 a.m. Monday morning.

I next prepared another car that I’d bought for $800 and might be able to sell for 4 times that amount. I drove it to California Monday night.  So, that’s 750 miles in one 24-hour span.

Next, I visited a client who wants to involve me in some custom database software work. The meeting went well. I decided to go to the mall, to buy a little “thank you” present to the nice lady who had referred this client to me.

While I was at the mall, I saw a gorgeous dress that I could not afford to buy … but I wished I could.


I’m not busty, but I have smooth and shapely legs and this dress would show them off SO nicely. The dress is short in front, and long in the back, which style is somehow very erotic to me.

I delivered the present, and then went to a local junkyard where for the next day or so I dismantled parts off 25-year old cars so as to fix up more cars yet. I didn’t feel very girly doing that.

Then, a client responded to one of my ads. I offer private lingerie shows (essentially, private strip shows) for gentlemen who like girls like me. So, I went to meet the client for coffee. He saw me in the parking lot, introduced himself and decided he liked my look enough to dispense with meeting over coffee. He invited me to his hotel room and got to see … more of me. He enjoyed it as did I.  He wanted another session, the next day, and I told him about the dress and how it’d make a nice start to the next show.  He liked the idea.

That evening, I was back at the mall, with the purchase of the dress now being part of a good business plan. This is what I looked like, trying it on.

IMAG8009 IMAG8008

I’m no supermodel or beauty queen, but I feel a little closer to that when I am wearing this dress, so I’m very happy with it.

So, here I am, back home. I’m likely to sell both cars, am likely to end up making money with database software work, and I have a lovely dress that I bought as part of a business decision so as to make more money.

Life is good. 🙂