Yay for IHOP, too!

I just sent the following to the corporate office of International House of Pancakes a.k.a. IHOP.

In case you, as the reader of this blog, aren’t familiar with Hispanic culture in the US: the first name of “Jesus” is a pretty common first name for males, and it’s pronounced “heysoos.”

* * *

I enjoy having client business lunches at IHOP for my software business. Today I had another such meeting.

I’m transgender (girl brain, mix of male and female face and body). Some think I look female and some think I look male, it’s sort of a toss-up. My driver’s license says “female” but I understand it’s confusing.

Our server today was Jesus. He was efficient and very polite and friendly, but he guessed (reasonably, but incorrectly) that I’m a guy. He called me Sir and meant it, clearly, in a nice way.

I nicely showed him my driver’s license with “F” as the gender, and explained that I’m part guy and part girl, but I’m basically a girl and if he calls me “Sir” it kind of freaks me out.

He dealt with this perfectly and remained as friendly as ever or was even so. And, he didn’t call me “Sir” again. I really appreciate this. I love being able to speak candidly and not having it be resented.

So, please tell Jesus “thank you.” His manager was also super-nice even though, I understand, I look unusual.

The cleanliness, food and value were (as always) wonderful.

I love IHOP. When I make a road trip, it often goes from IHOP to IHOP (not that that’s the purpose, but it’s nice to eat at a place I can trust). My last road trip was from Reno, NV to Little Rock, AR and I stopped by an IHOP in Las Vegas, another one in New Mexico and another one in Little Rock, AR.

Thank you for doing a great job.