I’m Curvy!

For the last few years, I’ve been on 4 mg of estradiol, and 100 mg of Spironolactone daily. It’s hard to avoid eating potassium-rich foods and to remember to eat enough sodium, but I’ve managed.  I had my blood drawn last week, and I got the results today.  My sodium level is within range, though I could be taking more yet since I’m at the lowest limit of the range.  This also means drinking more water.  My potassium level is within range too.  That’s a critical pair of values, and I’m happy.

I’m also happy with how curvy my body has become.  I do butt exercises fairly diligently, and I’ve been putting on fat too … this seems to be a good combination. I would like a more hourglassy figure yet, with a larger butt, but I’m already happy with what I have.

2020-04-14 23.18.30

2020-04-14 23.19.15

2020-04-14 03.57.11

Having a good posture, especially a good back arch, makes one’s  butt look nicer so I like to focus on that.

The biggest improvement has been on my boobs.  I like how they look:


2020-04-14 19.17.31

2020-04-14 19.16.53

I rarely wear a bra. I enjoy the feel of my boobs bouncing around when I’m in a vehicle on a bouncy road. A few days ago I was putting on a sports bra, for fun, since that pushes my boobs up and together for more cleavage, and I actually got turned on by my own boobs.  I like that.

My areolas and nipples have also enlarged but I like them … this being WordPress, I can’t show you pictures of these without risk of being shut down.

My blood test lab results show that my estrogen level is spot-on but my testosterone is too high, by a factor of three or so.  To improve this, my medical advisor approved an additional 100 mg of spironolactone daily.  She also approved me going up to 6 mg of estradiol daily. She mentioned that this would change fat distribution more yet.  If this means wider hips, a bigger butt and bigger boobs, then I’m all for that.

I have a lot of belly fat. You can’t see it in the pictures because I am in the habit of sucking in my tummy. I am slowly losing that fat too, and I’m glad. I’m getting my sleep schedule under control, which has been hard for me.  I also do exercises most days, very intense stuff at a burn-visceral-fat level.  I’m clear that a thin waist will accentuate my hips, butt and boobs more yet, so aside from health benefits, I’m enthused for aesthetic reasons too.


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