Electrolysis Happy Ending

I went through puberty with testosterone being the dominant hormone that shaped my child’s body changing to an adult’s body.  Coarse facial hair was part of the consequence.

There’s nothing wrong with looking like a guy when someone is a guy, but brain-structure-wise I’m not a guy nor do I want to look like one.  And so, part of coming out as a trans girl involved getting rid of my facial hair.  I made some progress with waxing and lasering, but by far the most effective was electrolysis.

I’ve experienced bee stings, and I figure one hair being zapped with electrolysis has approximately the same pain level as a bee sting; it actually feels very similar in every respect.  When I started electrolysis, I wanted the work to focus on my upper lip, and I counted 800 follicles or so just in that area. I was dismayed at how many follicles there were, and I hated the pain but I decided that if pain was reason to stop then I would simply stop then and there, and never start again. So, I kept going back.

Early on, when a session lasted an hour or more, it wasn’t enough to make one entire hair-removal pass.  There was simply too many facial hair follicles.  Then, by January 2018, there was a milestone … for the first time, in one hour, all of my facial hair follicles (including upper neck area) could be removed in one pass.  This implied that the hair had indeed been thinned out.  Of course, every time it grows back, but with fewer and fewer follicles surviving.

Just over a year later, in April 2019, I booked a half-hour session after having been away from electrolysis for two months.  The electrolysis lady zapped a few hairs on my upper lip, lower lip and chin, and then focused on my jawline.  After about twenty minutes, she stopped and announced there was nothing else to work on, and she’d credit me ten minutes’ worth of treatment on my next visit.  All the hair follicles had been easily removed because there had been so little remaining.

I’m elated. Perseverance won, in the end. Was all the pain worth it?  Yes!