One Gentleman’s Type of Christianity vs. the Concept of Trans Girls

On social media I was exchanging pleasant posts with someone who made it clear he’s a Christian. He seemed to get some value out of the conversation with me, and he mentioned that that was by far the longest conversation he’d ever had with a trans girl.

On the subject of me being trans, he said he respects me and my right to define how I feel. He also said that as a Christian, he disagrees with me.

I chose to respond.

This article is made up of my stream of posts on this subject (with some typos cleaned up, and with some terse & obscure wording cleaned up and abbreviations expanded) … indeed a monologue.  The gentleman hasn’t responded.

* * *

As to “As a Christian I disagree with you” … the premise that I assume you disagree with is me saying I’m a trans girl. I’d like to gently separate those two issues

[1. As a Christian

2. I disagree with you]

… and address each one, to your intended benefit. If you learn something useful from it, great. That’s the ideal.

Re you as a Christian [emphasis on “Christian”] disagreeing with me saying “I’m a trans girl “… I can think of two ways of interpreting it:

  • a). “I’m a trans girl” is a valid claim someone can make but I, Tanya, personally cannot validly make that claim
  • b). “I’m a trans girl” is never a valid claim for anyone to make

As to option a), I assume we can dispense with that out of hand [since you hardly know me and have no basis for an informed opinion] and focus on option b) so I’d like to analyze it.

The cleanest definition I know as to a trans girl is that it’s someone born with predominantly “outie” plumbing “down there” to where she’s legally classified male at birth but her brain structure is predominantly female. [I’m choosing this definition over the oversimplified XY vs. XX chromosome premise since a trans girl friend of mine has Klinefelter syndrome and thus XXY chromosome. I use “predominantly” as to plumbing since some trans girls are born intersexed. I use “predominantly” as to brain structure since there is a small group of people whose brains are neither typically male nor typically cisfemale nor typically trans female.]

So Christianity weighing in on the subject would require medical insight in the context of a biological mutation. I used to do a lot of Bible-reading and went to a Christian church, and whatever my conclusions, they’re not that Christianity can claim insights into medical science.

Trans girls, as a subject, are not discussed in the Christian Bible at all. Neither the Old or New Testament mentions trans girls nor am I aware of the non-Biblical accounts noting Jesus’s opinion on trans girls.

Many things (handguns, canned food, continental drift) exist without being mentioned in the Bible or the teachings of Jesus. So the lack of mention doesn’t imply non-existence. So lack of mention of trans girls doesn’t imply non-existence of trans girls.

An essential part of what makes a trans girl a trans girl (or a gay person, gay) is brain wiring. If something is based on brain wiring, then the doctrine of any particular church can arbitrarily deny it and claim it’s nonexistent but that doesn’t make it so.

It’s sound logic that anyone claiming something to exist has the burden of proof , but (I mean this as nicely as possible) when it comes to discharging proper responsibility as to the burden of proof, as to the key premise of the Church, it falls fundamentally short. Faith rules.

As to the two things that make a trans girl a trans girl, one is being born with “outie-shaped” plumbing.

I can write my name just fine in the snow, and I have been able to do so ever since I can remember, so I assume that this half of the definition isn’t the problematic part.

The “female brain” wiring is presumably the issue. As such I find it useful to refer to studies that have found female and male brains to be structurally dissimilar, explaining why a guy cannot think like a girl or vice versa. Genders show a physical, brain-structure difference.

Not to oversimply a complex issue but nevertheless that’s why regardless of cultural issues, typically females strongly tend to have certain traits like empathy and being verbose and typically males strongly tend to be the opposite.

Some Dutch scientists were curious as to trans girls and, once the time came, performed autopsies & saw these trans girls had a brain structure that was a good match with non-trans females — and very different than a male brain structure. Hence the feminine behavior.

It’s hard to do this issue justice in a series of posts. I’m not enthused to start debating anyone on this point, I’m just giving information in case it’s useful to someone sincerely trying to learn more. On that premise my article titled “One Drop of Blood” might also be useful.

To put things in context more, here’s another article titled “Supercharged Femininity in Trans Girls” that might be useful.

One point I’d like to emphasize is that at some point the Christian Church saw a heliocentric solar system as incompatible with its doctrine, yet nowadays it’s a non-issue. Similarly currently many Christian churches consider trans girls as incompatible with their doctrine.

However, some Christians and several Christian churches have no issues with the basic concept of someone being a trans girl. Somehow I suspect that as general culture becomes more accepting then so will more & more Christian churches.

Meanwhile life has to go on for trans girls.


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