The Phrase “Genetically Integrated Girls” in 2017


In this blog, in 2012, I discussed this phrase and why I coined it. I consider it to be a more-descriptive synonym of “cisgirls.”  But, two relevant events occurred within the last 24 hours so I figured I might as well update my blog as to this subject.

I’m basically shy so before I go to a party, I have to really get into the mindset for being optimized as to that sort of interaction. Once I do so, I tend to do well. By conscious design, I’m never the life of the party, but I try to be the sort of guest who would be likely to be re-invited. Also, I make a point of enjoying the event, mostly by finding and connecting intellectually with someone like-minded, ideally another cerebral shy girl.

As so often happens, there’s some initial frivolity and then the sun sets, the children go to bed, some of the people leave and whoever remains sits in a circle and discusses serious things that tie into their common values. The primal equivalent of this type of event probably had a crackling fire in the middle of the circle of people who were sitting down.  The event last night was more modern, but the feel was the same. This “serious conversation” mode is the part I value most.

The subject of sexual attraction and gender came up. This wasn’t completely surprising since this particular party was at the home of an exceptionally open-minded friend of mine, and the people sitting in the circle included two trans girls, including myself.

One of the gentlemen present was a little perplexed as to the delineation between gender and sexual attraction, and a generally enlightening and very positive conversation ensued. Even so, I noticed how he initially had seemed especially confused by the term “cis” as in “cisgirl.”  I suspect that if the term had been “genetically integrated girl” then it might have been less confusing.

Then, this morning, one of my other friends inquired via email as to how I’m doing. He’s a part-time rabbi in the sense that when the official rabbi isn’t available, then my friend temporarily officiates. One of the cerebral shy girls on whom I’m focusing my energy happens to be Jewish, and I’d mentioned that particular news item to him long ago, so he sometimes inquires about her. Today he asked me whether she was born female or trans.

That got me thinking. I don’t consider those two concepts to be mutually exclusive. So, the email conversation got more analytical, and in trying to explain how I understood things, I mentioned the phrase “genetically integrated girl,” for which he asked a definition. I love how precisely my friend thinks.

My reply is below. I then asked him if my reasoning made sense to him, and I gather it did.  So, that’s good.

* * *

As to “genetically integrated” — as I understand things, when a fetus is developing there is very little difference between typical boys and girls, with the two differences being:
1. the brain structure
2. the plumbing and reproductive organs
Normally, these match (both male, or both female) but not always. In my case, they didn’t. I was born with a female brain structure and male plumbing and male reproductive organs.
What does that make me? Which one is the more fundamental, and logically should be used to classify my gender?  The brain structure.  It’s where thought, values, emotions, judgement, personality and character reside.  It’s the basis of someone’s identity.  You could remove someone plumbing and reproductive organs and he or she would still basically be who they were before — but remove the brain and not just is the person’s personality and character gone, but the person is also immediately dead. My point is, the brain is vastly more important.

Too often, the brain structure is downplayed in conversations about the trans girl paradigm. Some conservatives completely dismiss it from consideration. They are strictly focused on the plumbing and reproductive organs as to classifying someone as male or female.  I consider their approach to be logically flawed since the brain is so important a factor.

Some people refer to trans girls as having been born a boy.  I’m aware of no scientific basis for concluding that girls like me were born with a male brain structure that then flipped to female.  So, everything I was born with, I still have, and so I’m no more or less boy or girl than when I was born. That includes having a female brain structure. That’s why I consider the “trans girls were born a boy” premise to be logically flawed, too.

Some people refer to trans girls as being biologically boys.  I think like a girl because of my female brain structure, and that is no less biological than my plumbing or my reproductive organs. My female-structured brain is what makes me a girl, and it is part of my biology. That’s why I consider the “trans girls are biologically boys” premise to be logically flawed, too.

My take on it is that, as to the born-with-it parts that can be male or female, i.e.,

1. the brain structure
2. the plumbing and reproductive organs

… as to gender, these either match or they don’t.
  • When they don’t match, the person is called “trans” and I’m fine with that terminology.
  • When they do match, the person is called “cisgender” though I consider the synonym “genetically integrated” to be more descriptive.



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