Now What? Now You Live Your Life


The opening scenario in the movie “Executive Decision” shows a newly trained civilian pilot who has just taken off, and he’s nervous. He asks his flight instructor what he’s forgotten. The answer is: “Nothing. Just fly the plane” — as in: relax and enjoy.

The story has much in common with a trans girl transitioning to living openly as who she is. The mode changes from a wild-and-crazy ride that’s complex and sometimes overwhelming and terrifying with dark and lonely times. Good advice is: “if you’re going through hell, keep going” — as in, it’s a tunnel, not a cave. I kept going, and here I am, just one more girl, living her life. I happen to be able to write my name precisely in the snow but wow is that an overrated skill. And really, that’s about it as to practical differences between me and a genetically integrated girl.

So, now what? Well, every day, I wake up, exercise, drink water, drink coffee, eat breakfast and go earn a living. I enjoy friendships and sunsets, and I’m happy.

Life is, quite simply, good.

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