Chest Growth Due to Hormones: Give it Time


If you’ve been following my blog, then you know that my brain is wired to connect with girls, not guys, as to sexual intimacy. You’ve probably also read that I’m poly-amorous, meaning I have multiple girlfriends plus almost-girlfriends, openly and simultaneously.

Today’s article is about feedback from two of these delightful ladies who have watched my shape change over the last couple of years.

These two ladies happen to each have a lovely physique, including … how do I say this … above the navel. During the last week or two, both of them complimented me on my own physique while spending some detailed time and attention, comparing mine to theirs, so to speak. My chest size doesn’t define who I am, but it was indeed nice to go from wishing my chest bulge was more-than-nothing to wearing tops that are relatively revealing.

My approach? I’ve been taking medically prescribed corrective hormones in conservative doses while having my blood lab-tested regularly. Are my boobies done growing yet? No. All other things being equal, they’ll continue to grow over the next two to four years.


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