Tracheal Shave Surgery

As I think back on how I brought my aesthetics more into synch with my female brain wiring, I would categorize the removal of my Adam’s apple to be the most fundamental step.

gggggg6-08-22 01.51.13

Here is a picture of me from last night. I love my smooth-throat look.

And yes, I’ve been growing my boobies, and playing with stick-on jewelry. Fun!

2 thoughts on “Tracheal Shave Surgery

  1. I did not see a reference to a physician for the shave or for your HRT. Are there physicians in your area that you recommend? I know a few transwomen who go to Sacramento for consultation, but I have not heard of anyone who people recommend in the Northern Nevada area.

    Just an aside, All of the SRS results I have seen are just ghastly. I think that there will be a genetic solution in another few years. If you can put off getting SRS, I most strongly recommend waiting. While i have no exhaustive studies, every tranwoman who I have talked with either in person or on the web complains about the cost, the long term bleeding, loss of sensitivity, need for revisions and a host of really gross outcomes that I will not mention here for the sake of decorum.

    Regardless of your future decisions about your transition land, I wish you the very best.


  2. Hi CC,

    Sadly, the physician for the shave was Dr. Douglas Ousterhout, who literally wrote “the book” on facial feminization. He has, however, retired.

    For my HRT, I go to Planned Parenthood. They’re wonderful.

    As to SRS, your information matches what I know. There is one exception: Dr. Suporn in Thailand, who uses a totally different approach. He’s my choice.

    Thank you for your lovely comment. 🙂

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