Nice Symbolism

gg2016-06-30 18.00.48.jpg
This was what I saw at 5:28 p.m. or so today.  I was due to meet someone socially at this lovely resort hotel. Having lived in the area for many years, I happen to know of an obscure-yet-legitimate parking lot that gets me inside the air-conditioned comfort sooner, and into glorious shade even sooner yet — compared to if I parked in the tourist parking lot and then walked a loooong way to the elegant front doors.

This place is in the Nevada desert and it is summer, so that sort of planning matters when you’re wearing an elegant black top because (heat be damned) it goes so well with the black-and-red skirt and faux gold jewelry. However, between me and the comfort & luxury of the hotel was … a very daunting set of stark concrete stairs.

When I go to such an elegant place, for this sort of get-together, I enjoy dressing elegantly, so I was wearing a pair of black velvet 6″ stilettos.

Looking up at those many stairs, and pondering my footwear, I thought that the next minute or so would be a good analogy for my life to date: seeing the hope of something much better in the distance, and ascending to reach it, even knowing it would be a struggle. It’d be worth it.

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