Trans-Friendly NBA Decision

The state of North Carolina was in the news these last few months for passing a law named HB2, by which a transgender girl would be in violation of the law merely by using the female bathroom. How bad and dumb a law that is … the subject could fill volumes of documented reasoning, but reason is very compartmentalized in the mindset of the folks who tend to push for such laws.

Regardless, thanks to a few brave pioneering transgender girls  such as Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner, plus a few cover stories in mainstream news magazines, plus some great movies including Boy Meets Girl, plus many other good developments in popular culture, the American populace in general seems to now finally understand transgender girls to be female. Target Corporation, Starbucks Corporation  and several more companies have spoken up publicly and have welcomed transgender girls to use the bathrooms consistent with their identity, on these properties.

When I lived in South Africa,  I saw something similar happen. According to the government at the time, people would be in violation of the law if they used a bathroom other than the one designated for their race. However, private companies (including where I worked at the time) treated the issue with the disdain it deserved. The company removed the race designations from its bathroom doors.  Everyone at the company was simply part of the human race, regardless of skin color. I see this happen often: private companies (including those that I founded and manage) lead the way as to culturally opposing government-mandated irrationality.

Perhaps a few years ago, the bad anti-transgender-girl law might not have been considered controversial by the US populace in general — yet nowadays it is.

The National Basketball Association has recently done something similar. The All-Star Game had been planned for Charlotte, North Carolina but in direct reaction to the HB2 bill, the NBA has canceled the plan and is now looking for a new location for the event.

One estimate as to the diverted revenue resulting from the decision is: a hundred million dollars — money that will not be spent in North Carolina.

It’s certainly a much more trans-friendly country nowadays.

Nice Symbolism

gg2016-06-30 18.00.48.jpg
This was what I saw at 5:28 p.m. or so today.  I was due to meet someone socially at this lovely resort hotel. Having lived in the area for many years, I happen to know of an obscure-yet-legitimate parking lot that gets me inside the air-conditioned comfort sooner, and into glorious shade even sooner yet — compared to if I parked in the tourist parking lot and then walked a loooong way to the elegant front doors.

This place is in the Nevada desert and it is summer, so that sort of planning matters when you’re wearing an elegant black top because (heat be damned) it goes so well with the black-and-red skirt and faux gold jewelry. However, between me and the comfort & luxury of the hotel was … a very daunting set of stark concrete stairs.

When I go to such an elegant place, for this sort of get-together, I enjoy dressing elegantly, so I was wearing a pair of black velvet 6″ stilettos.

Looking up at those many stairs, and pondering my footwear, I thought that the next minute or so would be a good analogy for my life to date: seeing the hope of something much better in the distance, and ascending to reach it, even knowing it would be a struggle. It’d be worth it.