Being the Minesweeper


I love the scenes in movies where some or other cultural premise seems to be claiming the moral high ground on flawed premises, and then someone stands up to say “I dissent.” Bolstered by that, someone else stands up too, and then a third, then more … and soon the issue is very much no longer one-sided.

I tend to be the one standing up first. I didn’t expect my new Wells Fargo Pride ATM card to enable that but in a way, today, it sort of did.

I have many guy friends, but romantically I’m wired to like girls. That was true before I came out as a trans girl and it’s still true today. So, logically, that makes me a lesbian girl too.

Today, I used the card during a transaction in the small town where I live. Seeing me be so open about being somewhere in the “LGBT” part of the populace, the girl on the other side of the counter said (sort of extra loudly as if feeling empowered to speak up): “I want to get a card like that too.”

I smiled and asked if I may ask a follow-up question. She nodded, and I said “I’m the ‘L’ and ‘T’ in ‘LGBT’ and so I’m curious as to which letter(s) you are.”

“The first one,” she replied, and we gave each other a friendly knuckle bump and had a nice conversation.

I suspect that, starting today, she might feel more empowered. Yay!

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