Fundamentally United

2016-06-14 20.43.12

I like going for walks in the evenings. I took this picture tonight, after I went for a long walk in the small, rural, very conservative, Sagebrush-rebellion community where I live. Obviously, I’m a trans girl and yet nobody bothered me or was negative to me. Whomever I spoke with was very nice to me.

It was a reminder of how the vast majority of people here are decent folks. By contrast, the subsection of humanity that is dangerous to me is certainly real, but a very small minority.

I ordered a meal at a restaurant; the picture here is of the flagpole in their parking lot. At the county court-house, city hall … same thing. The flags are at half-mast, even here.

This tells me that people here “get it.” Gay or straight, transgendered or cisgendered — initiating violence against anyone is not OK.


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