How a Girl Sounds, Part 1

I’m having my hair done today, and my hair lady is running behind schedule. I’m actually writing this blog post from inside the salon.

When I walked in, right on time, she was wrapping up with a customer, who seemed to be a quiet guy in his fifties … short dark gray hair, guy shirt, jeans, utility work shoes.  I didn’t give the customer any additional thoughts until I heard the customer checking out and paying. The customer had a 100% female voice!

I looked her up and down as intensely as I could without being rude. I could not notice a single feature that looked or even hinted at her being female. I looked harder. Nothing. I tried even harder. Nothing. Was the customer maybe  a trans guy? I listened and analyzed the style of talking … totally feminine, no hint of masculinity.

Visually 100% male, audibly 100% female. Wow.

My conclusion? Oops, I had been mistaken … the customer was indeed female.

Well, wait a minute. A better answer would be “insufficient data to decide” though a better-yet answer might be “it doesn’t matter anyway; he or she seems like a nice person regardless and that’s what matters anyway.”

In pondering my initial conclusion, I realized how useful it is for a trans girl to focus on speaking like the girl she is, or it’ll be tempting for others to emotionally react as to a male.  In my personal journey, few things made as dramatic a social improvement for me, as did sounding at least basically female.

Not enough … I’m right on the edge and unless I focus, then guys will read me as a guy. At least it’s no longer utterly hopeless.

On that subject, here’s a YouTube video by an amazing actor named Matt Bittner with the most amazing voice control.

When I wrote that article, three weeks ago, the last paragraph was: “Once a trans girl has a handle on technique, the rest is practice. Speak while recording, then listen, learn, revise, improve, and repeat.”

Yes, but “technique” must be understood precisely.

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