Success Story #5 in Intense Mentoring: Make-Up

This is the happy story of a wonderful t-girl who openly as such, 24×7, lived with me for five months and received much in-person mentoring from me, and also from my lovely, brilliant, make-up-savvy girl-friend.

When I first met this t-girl, she had spent multiple hours getting ready to meet me. She had described herself in very non-flattering terms, but when  I met her in at the airport, I was blown away by how pretty she is. Certainly, her lovely make-up helped, sort of like how pretty icing on a pretty cake makes everything look better yet.

The first few weeks when she lived with me, she’d spent multiple hours putting on make-up and getting aesthetically ready to start her day. Granted, by the time she was ready for breakfast, she looked like a model, and I had no basis for complaining. Even so, I was concerned about how much of her energy and time was going toward this. Also, the more make-up that a girl has on, the easier it can get smudged or smeared. Indeed, this seemed to be a factor that caused her some frustrations, both when applying the make-up and during her day.

gg2015-08-06 20.21.06With the results being shown in the accompanying picture of me, my own daily make-up routine consists of 30 seconds’ worth of putting on eyebrow pencil, so between my minimalist approach and her current approach there would probably be some optimal point for her.

My girl-friend is, by my standards, lovely even with zero make-up on. However, with make-up on, she’s jaw-droppingly pretty to where it’s downright comical for me to be next to her in public and to then see the effect that she has on guys.

Anyway, she is informally a well-qualified make-up high priestess and she proceeded to mentor my t-girl protege as such. As a result, the t-girl thereafter appeared every day at the breakfast table while looking very pretty, her make-up all done — and it didn’t take her long at all. The time savings added up to many hours per week — and she looked arguably better yet than with thick make-up.

Also, her during-the-day lifestyle could be more relaxed and didn’t involve being afraid that she’d smear or smudge.

So, as to make-up, this part of mentoring was a huge success too.

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