Symptom #7 of Feminizing Hormones

For a t-girl, part of the process of transitioning to living openly as the girl that she is, as to her brain structure, is often that she brings her physique closer to the shape she’d have had, if she’d gone through puberty with hormones consistent with her brain-structure. That includes her boobs.

But, why stop with what might have happened? Maybe the girl might have grown to have a B-cup breast size and, t-girl or not, she wishes she had larger boobs.

Thanks to plastic surgery, no problem. Implants are medically viable.

As with most things in life, those who don’t choose carefully … end up rewarding the vendors and politicians who would not be nearly as popular had people done better homework. So it is with boob jobs. There are some truly horrible doctors out there, and no, I’m not saying the government should be preventing that. As a free-market girl, it’s occurred to me that many girls are lulled into a false sense of security because, hey, the doctor is government approved — when really some very critical due diligence would have been a much better approach.

To help potential plastic surgery patients learn from the bad experiences of others, some online communities have come into being, and in my experience, they work well. Not just do girls learn which doctors to avoid, but they also learn more so as to make better decisions.

One classic decision as to boob jobs is: what size to choose. Sometimes, oftentimes, the girl chooses too small or too large a size. How purely objective her self-criticism as such is, is a debatable point, since she might have a bad habit pattern of disliking her own look regardless, and the new boobs don’t change that but now get included in the package of what the girl doesn’t like when she looks in the mirror.

Even so, unhappy reasons aren’t the only reason for choosing too small or too large a size. It’s hard to optimize, up front. Discussions about bra cup size, implant volume and so on — these are helpful but only up to a point.  It’s not just about the final result, but also what the final result is like, to live with … in bed, in one’s favorite dress, when exercising, when working in confined spaces, in the social and sexual consequences.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to start with outplants (bra stuffers) instead of implants. That way, the girl can get to experience that particular size in everyday life, so as to make a more-informed decision.

For a t-girl, that might be a way to start looking more feminine, but I wouldn’t advise it. Looking, walking and moving like Rambo while having lovely boobs … is not likely to make for a happy transition journey.  To each her own, but I’d suggest the t-girl first attend to the non-physique aspects her transition.

I was living openly as a t-girl for more than two years before I decided to get a boob job. Not that I could afford one, but a good friend of mine sent me a $100 present with the explicit condition that the money had to go towards my boobs. So, I got a $100 boob job, from  I bought some fake silicon gel boobs that I stuff into my bra. I have worn them (or identical replacements) most days, ever since. Obviously, they’re no long-term substitute for implants. For example, I couldn’t wear revealing bikinis, and I had no cleavage, so … no plunging necklines, for me  (and, yes, my friend likes my creative interpretation of what his money funded.)

To see what extra large porn star boobs would look like on me, I later bought some way-larger fake boobs, wore them for a while in private and then, having experienced that and having decided it’s not for me, they are now back in the box and stored in my closet. Aside from that, almost every day for the past x years, I diligently wore the size that I figured was my optimal look, as shown below:

After getting my health in truly stellar condition, including exemplary blood cholesterol counts, I got the medical green light to start taking feminizing hormones, and … my own boobs started growing.

No, they’re not huge, but together with my outplants and a good sports bra, I now actually have cleavage …

ggg2016-01-15 00.32.11

… but nowadays I think this is becoming too much of a good thing:

ggg2016-02-26 17.08.34

Not just is the net effect ever-larger boobs, but my bra is more and more squishing my natural boobies flat:


That can’t be good for me, or for them. It’s starting to ache as such. And no, I don’t want a larger bra; I want smaller net-effect boobies.  So, it’s time to choose smaller outplants.

It’s a nice problem to have.

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