Success Story #4 in Intense Mentoring: Motivation, Drive, Go

ggg2016-02-26 17.08.34The t-girl lady whom I mentored as my live-in roommate, for 5 months or so, experienced a huge change in how motivated she was to live her life energetically and enthusiastically, every day.

She’d told me that before she came here, she was living in a basement, and her energy mostly went into playing online video games and writing informal, personal-use software. Her physique, feminization, career … none of those had much focus.

By contrast, when she was with me, she was highly motivated. She did amazing, creative things and added a vast amount of value, including helping me with moving one of my businesses from one location to another, helping me rebuild a complex electronic automatic transmission, and hundreds of other tasks, many of them either complex or simple problems that she solved in a brilliant way.  It was like having a super-intelligent t-girl genie.

In the process, she seemed to become ever more energized and happy. One day, she and I had messed with an automatic transmission for close to eight hours already that day, and it was midnight, and certainly time to go home, have dinner and go to bed.  So, we went home and I made dinner. However, after dinner, we were so enthused to go play with the transmission some more that we ended up back at the shop for several more hours.  There was no official bedtime or wake-up time. At most I tried to coordinate things so that her schedule and mine would fit, and that supply stores were still open when we needed things.  Often times, she would be up at 1 p.m. and start helping me at around 2 p.m.

She liked choosing when to start her day, and when she got going, she seemed to have boundless energy. It was often necessary for me to say “I appreciate how much you’re helping me but whoa, let’s call it a day.”

She also did a lot of travelling, which isn’t something she used to embrace before she came to live with me.  Aside from her time in the Military, she hadn’t done much traveling away from where she lived. But she was so motivated to come here, that she drove 3,000 miles. She and I also made multiple trips all over the place: Reno, Carson City, Sacramento, SF Bay Area, Las Vegas. She seemed to enjoy this a lot.

When she wasn’t helping me, she still enjoyed playing her online video games and making cool software, too. But these had become minor parts of her rich and complex life, not the main focus.

By the time she left, she had learned and done so much, that the combined effect of all her productive days had added up to an impressive sum as to insight, confidence and experience. She would be a great hire for a transmission shop looking for a skilled transmission rebuilder.  She would also be a good hire for a junior automotive mechanic. Or a fetish model. Or a software developer. Or a network sysadmin. Or a systems security specialist.

As to the energy she put into every day, as to her looks and feminization: before she came here, she did hardly anything on a day-to-day basis. On rare days when she chose to go out as who she is, she would spend hours on end, getting ready.  By contrast, when she lived with me, she lived every day openly as the girl she is, including going shopping with me, meeting my friends and family, and so on.

The amount of daily energy that she put into looking good and feminine was well-balanced, and made for an efficient day, and a happy t-girl.

I must emphasize that the magical ingredient wasn’t living with me; it was living with integrity, as to being a girl (albeit a t-girl) and living openly as a girl, 24×7. Living with me just encouraged and helped that mode along.

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