Being Out as a T-Girl in the Vanilla Medical World, Part 3

I will soon be undergoing a medical check-up that girls my age are supposed to have now and then, and that involves me being butt naked while the doctor does his thing.

I presume that a blind person can see I’m a trans girl, but sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised that people don’t notice. But then, even though I’m a trans girl, what kind of plumbing do I currently have?

Normally, that’s my business and I share such info only with whoever might end up in bed with me. [Although, since I write about it openly, I also share it with my readers.]

It occurred to me that maybe the doctor might wanna know too so he’s not surprised, in case he would otherwise have been surprised. So, I decided to write him a nice letter. I obscured his name and a few details:

Dear Dr. X,

I think we’re all set for the procedure on Xxxday. I’ve gone to the clinic, did the pre-procedure check-in, paid them the clinic fee, got my vitals checked (all good) and discussed my medications. I feel I’m in good hands and everyone is being professional and nice.

At the risk of potentially overstating the obvious, I’d like to say one more thing just because people hate surprises unless they’re very pleasant, and if this one is a surprise it wouldn’t be pleasant. I’m a transgender girl, a weird mix of male and female parts. As it’s been explained to me, some people are born with a female brain structure and male plumbing, and I’m just one more example of that, and life goes on.

However much my brain works like any other girl, fundamentally — I still have male-shaped plumbing.  Maybe a few years from now, that won’t be the case anymore, but for now it is. Meanwhile, I don’t want you to be surprised on Xxxday, hence this letter.

I hope this was a good way to handle the situation, and if not then please be candid. I’m figuring this out as I’m going along. I’m sorry if this is awkward for you.

Thank you again.


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