Looking Like your own Grandmother

One of the wonderful t-girls whom I’m mentoring has waited a very long time to live as who she really is, and even now she’s still only “out” part-time.

She explained to me that, due to her age, her male hormones have dwindled down, and her hormone mix is probably now as those of a young girl, and indeed — when she looks in the mirror, she looks female to herself nowadays. The problem is, she explained, she now looks like her grandmother.

To me, this is SO sad. She is already past retirement age, and she has lived so many decades while repressing her true self.

Not that there’s anything wrong with an older lady looking like, well, an older lady. It’s part of life. But, if that’s the only experience in female living that a t-girl has, it seems to me that she’s missing out on a lot — even though there is still much joy for her to experience, and being older doesn’t preclude being healthy, and sexy.

One of the motivational blogs that I like to read is by a t-girl who points out the relative benefits of coming out and living as oneself, openly and happily. She made a poster that has wording that I recall as:

Today, you’re the youngest you’ll ever be. And yet, you’re also the most experienced than you’ve ever been.

The main regret I have in life, is that I didn’t sooner live openly as who I am.

If that’s a mistake that others are making, and I can inspire them to do better than I did, I’d like that.

2 thoughts on “Looking Like your own Grandmother

  1. My greatest regret is not coming out sooner granted things were different 30 yrs ago but I could have saved myself so much emotional pain

    • I sympathize. I mentor many younger-than-me t-girls who vacillate as to living fully and openly as who they are, and meanwhile they’re miserable and their life choices reflect that. On a more personal note, I wish I had personally come out way long ago. That would have entailed running away from home and living as a street kid until I found a new family, but I would have preferred that.

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