Hair on My Back and Chest, Yay

gg2015-12-05 01.45.49Before I came out openly as the t-girl I am, I felt captive by my own inhibitions. I felt so disgusted with how I looked that it seemed futile to even start with looking better. Besides, then I would have begun a terrifying-at-the-time journey, and if anyone noticed any progress, then (since I believe in honesty) if they inquired as to the reason, then I’d have to explain things that at the time sounded confusing and ridiculous to me.

The hair on my back, butt and chest were the worst, psychologically. I hated that. So, nowadays, I have smooth and hairless skin most days, thanks to diligent waxing, again and again. Where I couldn’t easily reach, helpful people assisted but sometimes I did some contortionist solo waxing.

My mom finally came around and she now accepts that she has had a daughter all along, so sometimes I ask her to wax my back, and she’s happy to help. One of our dialogues involved me asking her to make a point of waxing my butt too, since i had noticed she wasn’t putting any wax on that. “I can’t!” she protested, “there’s nothing TO wax, there. It’s totally smooth and hairless.” Yay!

Except on my butt, my body hair still grows back but they are fine, blonde, light hairs. Even so, they are still not sparse enough by my standards, so I still get rid of these too, with regular waxing, and so probably the trend towards gradual annihilation will continue.

Meanwhile, the hair on my head is cheerfully growing. I was previously experiencing a receding hairline, and going on hormones put a stop to that, yay! And so, with loving care, my hair has slowly been growing longer and longer.

Not that long ago, I could start to feel the weight of my hair on my back. How I loved that sensation! And most recently, I’m feeling the hair tickle my collar-bones and the area below that, as it continues to grow ever longer. I love that.

How different my life is now …

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