Success Story #2 in Intense Mentoring: Shape & Weight

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The t-girl lady whom I mentored as my live-in roommate for 5 months or so pretty much ate the same foods I ate, in approximately the same portions, though there were some things that she didn’t like, and I found viable alternatives.

Her weight has for many years been a point of concern for her. At some time, before coming here, she was about to exceed 300 pounds. She had started a professional career at which her sharp mind and interests would have made her excel, except that her weight issues were an ongoing hurdle, and this problem eventually ended her career prematurely. The problem goes back to when she was in school. The other children had ridiculed her due to her weight, and had called her mean names as such.

When I met her, she was a t-girl in stealth mode, out as such only in brief and intense spans of time. During such times, she was tightly corseted, and she had an hourglass figure due to the corset and due to adding much hip padding. In that mode, she seemed well-proportioned — but everything was, well, wider … not that that’s an unnatural look, as I’ll explain next.

A t-girl friend of mine came over last summer for a friendly sleep-over visit and brought along a genetically integrated 22-year-old girl-friend. We saw each other in the nude or mostly so, not due to it being a sexual time (it wasn’t), but because I don’t normally wear much anyway, when I’m in my bedroom, and the two of them spent several hours happily trying on and modeling my various pretty outfits. The 22-year-old girl had very much the same hourglassy-yet-wide look that my subsequent t-girl protege had, with her corset and hip padding on.

Problem solved, yes? Well, no. First of all, she was at an unhealthy weight, not at 300 pounds but not very far from that. And, when her corset and hip padding came off, it became apparent to me how painful and time-consuming a process it was for her to become ready to look in a way where she felt OK with being out and about as a t-girl.

Also, to complete the look in three dimensions so she wouldn’t have the visual effect of a cardboard cut-out, she also needed bubble butt padding and huge boobs, and neither of those came to her courtesy of mother nature. That ended up making for yet extra weight, and much equipment to put on — lots of effort.

Granted, in that mode, she looked gorgeous, but I was hoping that she would gradually become more and more happy with her own shape. Over five months, that’s exactly what happened, yay!

Whenever she was with me, she ate healthily. That, plus some gentle reassurance, helped her feel comfortable with her own physique, and to go out into the world as such.

First, the corset got retired, then the hip padding, then her boobs decreased in size by borrowing some smaller falsies from me; then (since she has her own pretty boobies, just not huge) she dispensed with the falsies too. The entire time she was here, she wasn’t a t-girl in stealth mode. She lived openly as who she is, all day, every day.

For fun, she would still dress up in full regalia sometimes, but on a day-to-day basis, she didn’t seem to feel any need to do so. Yay!

Her mornings often included rushing to the scale that I have in the kitchen. She typically got on it with an eager smile and stepped off with a happy smile. However, the scale rarely if ever tells the entire story. Her shape was so much healthier than when she walked into my place the first time. I was adamant that rapid weight loss is counter-productive and dangerous, so I planned her meals accordingly. As a result, her weight loss was gradual. She arrived at maybe 280 pounds and left at slightly less than 240 pounds. I calculate that to approximately two pounds per week, eight pounds per month. Any faster would have been unsafe, as per the general medical consensus — as far as I can tell.

One additional benefit was to her knees. She’d had serious problems with her knees. Perhaps her weight, combined with her intense exercise routine, a few years ago, were much or all of the cause. As she lost weight, her knees were also healing, yay!

As to exercise, I don’t go to a gym, but I like doing my daily exercises at home, and that includes dancing to music during my work-day. So, she had every opportunity to follow along, and she also had me as an example, but she didn’t do much exercise. She explained to me that as to dancing, she’d like to first give her knees the time they needed so as to heal. That makes perfect sense to me.

When she came here, it was September, and my car at the time didn’t have air conditioning. As my passenger on a hot day, she was sweltering and miserable.  A few months later, she mentioned one day, while standing in the kitchen, that she felt slightly chilly  — and she explained how it was a very new phenomenon, for her.

She left with mixed feelings; she and I were both clear that living with me had been good for her journey, and she and I were both crying as she walked out. But even while I was sad, I still somehow noticed how good she looked, including her shape. It was an odd thought to have at such a sad moment, but she had inspired it.

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