Why Implants are No Magic Bullet

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When it comes to irreversible decisions with serious consequences, I like to look into things, in-depth, before I proceed. Breast implants are one such subject.

The complexities and subtleties of breast implants could fill a book — several, in fact … and they have done so.

My own surgery as such is still far in the future. What you see in this picture is what Mother Nature belatedly bestowed on me due to a methodical feminizing hormone regimen, plus some good tactical use of bra stuffers, or “outplants,” as I like to call them.

So why would I bother taking all these hormones just to grow boobs if I am going to get breast implants anyway?

1. At the rate things are progressing, I might not need implants
2. The quality of the final result depends a lot of what I already have by the time I go in for surgery.

I’ve learned how to tell whether or not a surgeon is likely to be competent, and I have emailed, read about and spoken with a great many competent breast implant surgeons. One of the most-savvy ones has emphatically made exactly that point: the best indicator as to what a girl will look like with breast implants, is what she looked like before breast implants. Having some breast tissue is a lot better than having none at all, in two important ways:

1. It makes the final look more natural,  if the surgery is “above the muscle.” Without anything being there for starters, at best the final result will be the classic stripper look, sort of like someone had inserted half a canteloupe under the skin. Not that I’d hate a look like that, but it’s not my preference.

2. If there is no breast tissue to start with, two of the most savvy surgeons I know would opt for “below the muscle” placement.

Many surgeons have pre-vs.-post-surgery pictures on their respective websites. For one competent-seeming surgeon, I liked all of his work — except one picture. The post-surgery look had … well, it’s hard to explain. It was as if someone had painted a large, inverted “V” on the chest of the lady, and where-ever the paint was, there were no breast implants. This inverted “V” effect seemed to push her implants in a hard diagonal line, upwards and outwards. It was NOT a look that I wanted. I guessed that this was what “under-the-muscle” placement looks like. Certainly, the “before” picture showed a very lean-bodied girl (possibly, a trans girl) with zero breast tissue, so that probably influenced the decision as to placement.

I pointedly asked about that one pair of pictures, and the surgeon confirmed that indeed, that was an example of “below-the-muscle” placement. During the consultation interview, I made it clear that that particular look is very much what I don’t want. The surgeon pointed out that unless I developed some of my own breast tissue before surgery, the “above-the-muscle” look would not be a great alternative either: I’d end up with the classic stripper-look half-dome. I assured him that for me, such a look would be highly preferable to the inverted-V look. I could almost hear him shrugging over the phone line, and then he said “well, if that’s what you want and you understand the implications, that’s fine too” or words to that effect.

Another surgeon specializes in breast implants specifically for trans girls, and so I asked her office what made that sort of surgery different than the surgery for a genetically integrated girl. Her office explained that for trans girls, they do below-the-muscle placement (probably because so few trans girls have breast tissue when they go in for surgery, and so many of these girls want to avoid the classic stripper half-dome look). Okay, good to know. While I laud this surgeon’s focus on trans girls, I am instead choosing a surgeon who does above-the-muscle implants most of the time, and who is comfortable and up-to-speed with that.

Meanwhile, I’m content with letter Mother Nature do her thing. It’s free, and also exciting in a way. I feel like I’m championing over what happened during puberty, and I like how that feels. It’s tempting to help things along by intentionally putting on lots of extra weight, but that’s not a healthy solution so I’m managing to resist that particular temptation.

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