Living in a Republican Culture, Part 2

I like living in Nevada as an “out” t-girl because even some of the Democrats still remember that the government’s job is to protect my actual rights (person, property) against criminals. Too often this point is entirely lost on Democrats.

Relatively recently transgender girls (and guys) received some extra protection from the Nevada State Legislature by which violence against a transgender person is a hate crime with extra-heavy punishment. I like that.

The measure, ironically, was more enthusiastically backed by Democrats than Republicans, and I’m guessing that this is due to the personal endorsement that Democrats tend to grant t-girls and that Republicans tend to withhold. I mean this nicely but many Republicans still work on the premise that a t-girl is basically a confused guy needing counseling or worse. This will probably dissolve as the scientifically proven news gradually filters down, of t-girl brains having an actual female brain structure (which is WHY we t-girls feel female — we basically ARE). Until then, t-girl safety probably won’t be a mainstream priority for Republicans.

Still, the status quo is good enough for the protect-t-girls measure to have passed, and I’m happy.

I greatly value living in an area where the government is clear that it’s reason for being is to protect me and my property from violence by criminals. Many governments elsewhere have a very different agenda. On a not-so-happy note, here’s a tragic story I read recently on one of my favorite t-girl websites.

Basically, a pretty t-girl got beaten up very badly by some violent criminals in Sydney, Australia — and the worst criminal is the only one who was sentenced so far, and he received a very light sentence.  It’s probably fair to say that the courts system there was more of a hindrance than a help to the t-girl awaiting justice to be administered. It really, really sucks.

Law enforcement can’t be everywhere to protect everyone, but when something slips through the cracks and bad stuff happens it is the proper role of the courts system to administer justice, dammit.

I have never been to Sydney but I’ve been enamored with much of the culture there, and I gather it’s a very liberal culture. On the surface that might make it appear that it’s a good place for t-girls to live and be safe. In reality the converse might well be the case. I hate that.

I HAVE been to Maui, Hawaii, and had candid conversations with two friends who had been living there for a number of years at the time. I’d expressed surprise at how much local violent crime there was in a place that might otherwise have been paradise. Their sad reply was that the local police knew exactly who and where the local criminals were, but when they arrested them the local liberal judge just gave the criminals a slap on the wrist, and set them free, and the cycle repeated itself. I hate that, too.

So, on the surface, a Democrat-dominated culture might seem to be the nicest place for t-girls, and yet … now you know why I choose to live in a Republican-dominated culture.

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