Living in a Republican Culture, Part 1

I’m not all that keen on voting Republican or Democrat, though I chose to live in an area where the culture and government are much more Republican than not.

One day, when I was feeling particularly sorry for myself, I bought a mouse-colored wig, to try to become invisible and maybe have an easier life. When my girlfriend (at that time) found out about it, she told me that for a tall, t-girl who thinks and looks as I do, there’s no hiding or blending, ever. So I might as well get used to that. Good advice, that.

So yes, a great many people know who I am and that I’m an “out” t-girl. I’ve spoken out at City Council meetings (and seriously pissed off the mayor in the process, even though he’s actually a good guy), at County Planning meetings (and probably pissed off every socialist in the room). Just like probably everyone else in the ZIP code, the local police is well aware that I’m an “out” t-girl.

And, now that I’m “out” I have noticed that they seem to be even more protective of my safety. I love that. One night, I was working on my car at 2 a.m. and yes, it DOES look pretty suspicious to have flashlight-illuminated nocturnal activity centered around the steering column of a BMW, and indeed the local police stopped by and approached very warily, and when they saw it was me, they mellowed out and explained they just wanna make sure nobody is messing with my stuff. I loved that.

I live in a downtown area where there are mostly businesses and not much residential activity. One night, at about 3 a.m., I had my car door wide open for some or other peculiar but valid reason, and my apartment door was wide open too, while I was running around doing whatever I was doing in my black stripper-style bra and panties, my long blonde hair looking particularly resplendent. At the doorstep appeared three police officers. They just wanted to make sure I’m OK. I LOVE that. I feel well-protected and I probably AM well-protected. And no, I don’t feel like my privacy was violated. I love how they handled it, including being very professional and respectful.

This is how government should work. Protecting my actual rights from criminals is WHY I need a government. I don’t need one to tell me how to live my life or my business, or to take my money and hand it to others. But protecting me from violence, that IS the job of the government and its reason for being.

In general culture, there are indeed some misogynistic jerks around here, as tends to be the case in heavily-Republican culture. However, nobody has threatened violence or been violent. Worst case they’re rude, and often the rudeness is by teenage boys and it happens on days when I look exceptionally hot and I’m exceptionally friendly, so they’re probably just homophobic and in its own way that’s a sort-of-compliment to me, anyway.

As part of coming out, I’d planned to move to Las Vegas and found to my surprise that I didn’t need to. Living in a heavily-Republican culture is just fine.

And no, I don’t even pretend to be conservative. I’m wild sexually, I have done escorting (though not locally), I’m a formally trained Dominatrix, and you can easily find websites that attest to both. In fact, I pay to keep those websites up since they have in the past generate me business that paid $300+ an hour.

And yet, here I am, living happy and thriving safely, in Republican culture.


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