Another Good Day

I had a very t-girlish day today. I wore a mid-riff baring top and ultra-short torn denim shorts … with a black shirt and black tights underneath, so the skin exposure is low (which is good since it’s darn cold here, plus I’m not trying to start a riot) but it feels sexy.


I went to have my hair done, and eyebrows waxed and tinted. Then I went to an appointment with the medical professional lady who prescribes my hormones and checks on my medical health as I progress along my hormone-taking regimen. Verict? Good! My blood pressure is 122 over 74, which I understand to be exemplary.

The lady wrote me a prescription to get some lab work done just in case, and she approved my prescription refills, and she doubled my daily estrogen dose. Yay!

Then she asked to speak with me on the subject of how I seem to be an unusually level-headed and positive person, and the life of a t-girl isn’t an easy road, nor and going on feminizing hormones makes things better in some ways and yet also harder. She asked me how I managed to stay so positive. I thought about it. Part of my reply to her will be the subject of another blog post, but the gist of it is basically that I have had some wonderfully supportive friends — and I include colleagues, family, and past and present romantic love interests in the “friends” categories.

She asked me for some suggested resources for other t-girls in transition and I gave her the URL to this blog, and the website name. Then I also recommended my favorite local t-girl friendly social hang-out, and I provided my email address in case anyone wanted me to suggest a local resource. That was a nice implied compliment to me.

I also was practical today. I drove my safe pretty metallic blue Volvo station wagon, and I drank lots of water during the day, and I ate a healthy lunch. I was early or on time for all my appointments, give or take a minute or two.

However, I still know cars and my muscles still work well, and my Volvo needs a new (used) tailgate because it had been rear-ended before I bought it. Those things are heavy! And they’re large, clumsy and tricky to remove. Good thing I’d read up on it last night, and I’d stopped by Autozone on the way into town and I had the perfect set of tools with me. I sashayed into the junkyard, knew exactly where to go, and had the massive tailgate off in a jiffy. My finances are really maxxed out today, and the price was $62 for the tailgate. I had $54 left on my ATM card, but I had a 15% discount coupon that brought the price down to $54.31, which is just barely more than I have left in my checking account, but I had another $5 on me and so with maybe four dollars to spare, I had my prize. Then to Walgreens to buy some water … $2.99 … uh-oh. I rummaged in my purse for change. Would I like to use some credit points, the lady asked? Yes!! $2 off. I handed her $1 and left, happy with the world.

Back home, I took some happy-me pictured, and logged into my bank to check my balance … minus $0.10, oops. But I found 11 cents and so now I have a positive bank balance again: $0.01. Better.

Life is good.


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