And the Winner is … not me

I’ve posted more than 200 articles on this blog. I have tried to be the right mix of cheerful, helpful, candid, open, smart and insightful on matters relevant to t-girls. All in all, I feel good about what I have accomplished here.

Even so, I’ve just read ONE article that is better than everything I’ve written, combined. It was written by Una Nowling, a truly brilliant lady who’s also, as she describes herself, a professional science researcher and part-time university professor. Wow.

Better how? With luminous rationality, it cheerfully and eloquently explains the latest scientific evidence in support of transsexual girls being girls due to having a largely-female brain structure, and having been that way from birth.

I’ve done much informal reading on this subject, and I’ve never learned so much about these issues, until I read her article. If you have time or patience for only one thing to read, then skip everything I’ve written, and read this.

2 thoughts on “And the Winner is … not me

  1. Thank you very much for the high praise. I am humbled by what you say regarding my article. I try my hardest when I dig into scientific research, largely so other transgender folks and their allies can use reference pages to shut down the arguments of the haters. I’m actually way behind on posting more research due to teaching in Asia and Europe lately (as an “out and proud” transsexual woman).

    If I may, I’d also like to link to this article I wrote,, which involved even more research on whether transition is beneficial or not – again, to shut down haters. My site is 100% non-commercial’ I do not even allow advertisements. My only goal is to use my resources to help our community.

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