Remaining Organized as to taking Feminizing Hormones

The effects of hormones during puberty seem small day by day, but for me, over five years they added up to a dramatic difference.

And so, as I now take daily doses of feminizing hormones to undo those effects, it is again a slow process, day by day. Beyond a particular threshold, I can’t change the process to double the speed by taking twice as many hormones per day. There’s a fine balance. Take more than x and the effect is a slightly more-feminized version of me, the next day. Take too little of it, and the effect is reversed: a slightly less-feminized version of me, the next day.

So, one day’s missed dosage will set me back more than one day, as I understand the math. This is an important mistake to avoid, and I’m enthused to avoid it. The problem is that my schedule is hectic and sometimes it’s not clear when one day ends and the next one begins, and many times I’ve found myself staring at the bottle of hormones, and wondering if I’ve already taken the dose for that day, or half-day. I needed a better way.

And so, off I went to the camping goods section of a local supermarket, and I bought a plastic holder intended to lug hard-boiled eggs along on a camping trip. I use it to keep track of whether or not I’ve taken the hormones on any particular day.

2015-11-02 17.18.16

I write “M” in one cavity, “T” in the next, “W” in the next and so on — one day per egg-shaped cavity. Then, I pre-allocate my hormone pills with the right dosage into each cavity: two Spironolactone pills, two Estradiol pills, and one aspirin. That’s my daily dosage. When I’m not sure whether or not I’ve taken something for that day, I just look inside, and I see the status.

Another benefit of this approach is that I can close the top section in clam-shell style and then it snaps shut and stays shut until I choose to open it. That way, when I clumsily knock the entire thing off the kitchen counter, I don’t scatter the pills all over the floor with many of them rolling into unsanitary places like under the stove, ewww.

Also, the closed clam-shell makes it easy to toss the entire thing into my suitcase when I travel.

Another benefit of this approach is that I can easily tell when I’m about to run out of pills, and I need to order replacements — which can sometimes require several days’ lead time as the pharmacy checks with the doctor first, before filling the prescription.

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