Students Speak Up and Stand Up for Trans Girl

George Takei has just sympathetically posted a link to a cool article on his Facebook page. Thank you, George! Basically, some bigots-in-the-name-of-their-deity protesters showed up at a high school in Kansas City, Missouri, waving “God Hates Fags” signs, to publicly protest a trans girl having been elected homecoming queen, as if:

  1. It’s any of their business
  2. There’s anything wrong with a trans girl being treated as any other girl
  3. Being trans has anything to do with being more gay or less gay
  4. Being gay properly carries any moral taint whatsoever
  5. Name-calling at gay people, or anyone else, is appropriate adult behavior
  6. These bigots can reasonably claim to be \spokespeople for a deity
  7. Their image of a gay-hating deity reconciles in any way to the mellow, forgiving person central to the New Testament

In my opinion, the cluelessness of these protesters runs deep. Still, there’s a lot of historical precedent for their behavior. Its seems more popular to say: “I have irrational opinions. I’m basically an asshole but instead of cleaning up my act, I’m going to go out and do bad deeds that reflect the mess in my head.”  

It seems typical to add: “… but if I can convince myself that my deity wants me to do this, I’m suddenly able to delude myself into believing that I have the moral high ground.”   It’s not that crisp a mental process, but I think that’s the gist of it.

The irrationality of this mindset can be far-reaching. Even Hitler had loudly and publicly claimed that his deity was on his side. So had Saddam Hussein. Kind of ironic, that.

Anyway, back to the story: The protesters were met by a large group of students counter-demonstrating even more energetically. The sheriff was there, keeping an eye on things. I like how both the protesters on both sides remained non-violent. The students so culturally overpowered the bigots that the bigots packed up and left. Yay for the students speaking up in the name of reason and logic!

If that’s the new generation, I have much hope for the future of my favorite country.

Here’s a link to the  article.

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