Guilty of Being Me

2015-09-01 15.58.49

In the Grand Canal Shoppes (yes, they spell it like that) at the Venetian in Las Vegas is a store that had these posters up. I loved them. I asked the store folks if I would be allowed to take and post pictures, of those posters, and graciously they agreed.

To me, this sums up much of the controversy around girls like me. We’re unusual genetic mixes, born with male plumbing and a female brain structure. For that reason, we crave to live as the females we are, fundamentally. Cosmetically, it looks paradoxical, like males pretending to be female. Ironically, until we came out, we’ve actually been (fundamentally, brain-wise) females pretending to be male. So after we live openly as who we are, conservative folks look at us suspiciously and accuse us of now doing the one thing we are no longer doing, but used to do. It’s sort of like having more weeds than good plants in one’s garden for years, with everybody being happy with the situation, and as soon as the weed-planting is replaced by an emphasis on all-good plants, the gardener is accused of having out-of-control weeds in the garden.

Not that anyone should have a cow either, if a male is living as a female or vice versa. If that really a problem, and I don’t see why it would be, then we can attend to it after we’ve attended to all the much-more-serious problems in the world.

But, to remain focused on this core subject matter of this blog, t-girls, it really is ironic what t-girls are accused of doing when it’s the one thing we’re actively not doing.

So, yes, I’m female, living as a female. Guilty as charged.

2015-09-01 16.01.59

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