Swing It!

As a t-girl, learning how to walk in a feminine way was very hard for me. Whenever I was feeling sorry for myself, one of my mentors, a lady who moves very gracefully, reminded me that it’s hard for all girls in the beginning.  My time of learning is just delayed, so it’s not happening in my teenage years.

I kept trying to get it right and it felt SO awkward to me. There seemed to be more things to do simultaneously than my brain could process. Then finally, one day, I realized that if I swivel my hip as the first part of moving each leg forward, that’s the magic formula. Everything else just clicked into place. From that day on, I enjoy walking. And, as a t-girl, I’m celebrating my femininity, so I’m not holding back.

The first time I was out with my mom after I learned how to walk properly, I walked in front of her, and (typical for my mom, who is very candid and was raised by strict German parents) she immediately said: “Don’t’ swing your ass like that.” That was good feedback. So clearly, my walk now has the right wiggle (even though my mom hates it).

Not long ago, I was walking down an aisle in the general gambling area of the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and one gentleman walking past me complimented me with: “That’s quite a swing, there.”

So, slowly but surely, I’m figuring this all out.  I’m enjoying the journey.

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