The Consequences of Diligent Facial Waxing

2015-09-18 17.27.29There’s a sub-plot in the series “Orange is the New Black” in which a transsexual girl is on feminizing hormones in prison, and then the prison cuts back on the dosage. The girl is in anguish because of the anticipated consequences. The anticipated regrowth of her body and facial hair is one of the things she mentions as a basis for concern. Feminizing hormones help keep that in check, I’ve read.

Personally, I chose not to wait. I started waxing my body and facial hair away long before I started taking feminizing hormones. And “patience is a virtue” certainly applies here.

I have waxed my body and facial hair so much that, in anticipation of going to a pool party this weekend, I waxed my legs, chest and tummy. Then I took a container of wax, some shaving cream and some razors to my mom, with a request that she do her hair removal magic on my back and shoulders since it’s hard for me to reach there. It’s been several months since last time.  “I can’t,” she said. “There isn’t any [hair to remove, any more].”

Yay!! Victory over the dark forces has been achieved.

As for my face, I’ve been waxing that so diligently that the only surviving strands of hair are few and far between. Hair grows in phases, and so when I wax then I damage the hair follicles in a particular cycle of the hair growth rate. The other follicles are unaffected. So I must then wax again later, to damage them too. Timing matters because if I wait too long then those follicles will once again be in the mode where waxing doesn’t affect them. I don’t measure the cycle changes; I just wax often and hope for the best.

It helps to approach wax on the premise of “I wax to destroy the hair follicles” and the short-term benefits are not the main focus.

It’s working. Here’s a close-up of me a few days ago, with no make-up. Notice the few isolated strands of remaining hair? That’s what the remaining resistance now amounts to … a few isolated strands. I make a point of waxing them too; shaving them would give them a reprieve. When I looked at the post-wax papers, they used to look like a carpet, having just removed a thick mat of hair (yes, eww).  Now I have to look hard and squint to see the few light-colored hairs. As for the few black hairs; they’re also down to one here, one there.

Yay! Perseverance wins.

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