You can be Rock Bottom, but you gotta have Style

gggIMAG2927The title of this blog post is my uncle’s favorite quote. He was always broke, and yet when he had things, they were extra nice. Perhaps that’s WHY he was always broke. “Rock bottom” is South African slang for “broke.”

Anyway, I try to follow his logic while spending as little money as possible. I don’t have much to spend and besides, I owe some nice people a lot of money. Any extra money that doesn’t go to making more money or to keeping me alive goes to paying off debt.

Here’s an example of today. I was leaving from a recruiting business trip to the East Coast and flying back to Nevada; even though the trip had been intended to recruit someone for my business I had fun too, including having a friend drive me into downtown Philadelphia to see Independence Hall, where the US Declaration of Independence was signed. I’m also sleep-deprived after this weekend so before I drove home 400 miles north of Las Vegas, I needed to also stay the night in Vegas. Although I live in the Reno area, I’d flown out of Vegas because that saved me hundreds of dollars. Here’s today in more detail:

– I drank two cups of free coffee, included in the price of the hotel room
– I got a free ride to the airport
– I ate a healthy breakfast at the airport: scrambled eggs and rice. Price: Less than $4. The good breakfast kept my metabolism fast
– I flew back home on Southwest Airlines, the cheapest flight on the cheapest airline
– On the plane, I enjoyed free snacks, soda and water, which kept my metabolism fast
– I had a nap on the plane. Sleeping enough also helped my metabolism be faster
– I watched a DVD of my visual role model, Charlize Theron, on my ancient but still functional and reliable Dell laptop
– I had parked my ancient but still functional and reliable BMW 325i in a cheap area by the Las Vegas airport and so I didn’t need to spend money on a taxi or shuttle
– I found a $51 room at Treasure Island, such a deal
– I parked my car for free at the Venetian
– I ate an affordable, healthy lunch with all-I-could-drink coffee at the Venetian
– I inquired about the Tao Beach Club and found they were inviting some folks in for free today. I managed to be one of them, yay!! Free pool party for me in my pink-and-black swimsuit. I did exercises in the pool and drank water to keep my metabolism fast
– I ate a cheap snack at the Venetian with all-I-could-drink coffee and bread, that I ate with healthy olive oil
– I drove my car to Treasure Island and parked for free in self-parking
– I went to the pool at Treasure Island for free, and had a nice nap by the pool, surrounded by beautiful people
– I lugged three bags to my room and saved money on porters’ fees or tips
– I got an awesome room on the 29th floor for dirt cheap
– I put on an elegant evening gown that I’d bought for $15 or so, and high-quality 6″ stilettos that I’d bought for $12 or so, used
– I rode the free tram to the Mirage and enjoyed a nice but affordable dinner there
– I went to the restrooms at the Mirage and a lady complimented my stilettos and we had a nice chat
– I took some pretty pictures of the inspiring-to-me mermaid-girl statues at the Mirage
– I felt so happy walking on my stilettos that I walked all the way back to Treasure Island from the Mirage
– I washed my hair using the free high-quality shampoo and conditioner in my hotel room
– I took a leisurely bath
– I did some work for my automotive engineering business
– I did some work for my software engineering business
– I watched a DVD of Burlesque. I’d bought it used for less than $7. I love how the girls show no more nudity than folks do at a public swimming pool and yet the dance poses and dance clothing are far sexier
– The movie inspired me so much I put on my favorite dress, for which I’d paid $20 and that has made me more than $1,000 in escorting revenues over many years, and I put on my stilettos and practiced some poses. The result is shown here. I also wandered around the hotel corridors dressed like this, and practiced my stripper walk and stripper moves.

Did I have an awesome day, while spending very little money? Yes!! Life is good.

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