Looking more Feminine by Having Less-Bulky Muscles




ggIMAG2300One of my advisers is Dr. Ousterhout, who is highly skilled in feminization surgery. He did my Adam’s Apple removal.

He advised me that to look more feminized I’d need to lose weight … not just fat but also bulky muscles. Over the years since he said that, I’ve taken his advice and lost 50 pounds or so … slowly.

I’m still 25 pounds away from my ideal weight and now that I’m on feminizing hormones it’ll be harder yet to lose those last 25 pounds, but at least I don’t have bulky muscles any more. This look goes a long way towards enabling me to look as feminine as I basically am, brain-wise.

With that progress comes confidence. A few years ago, I was embarrassed to go out in public looking like the girl I am … and this last week I was wearing short shorts and a mid-riff baring top, and doing a sexy photo session in public.

It feels good.  These are the pictures from that shoot. The sun was in my eyes, hence the squint, sorry.

And no, I don’t shave my legs except touch-up work. I’ve waxed the hair into submission or oblivion. Better.

As I look at these pictures critically, I realize that I’m not really all that slender any more. For example, my tummy is starting to take on a female-tummy shape. That’s just fine with me. It’s not a must-have as to having a particular weight. That is just a guideline. For me, it’s about looking feminine, looking good and being healthy.

Here are some more pictures from after I’d checked into my hotel.

ggIMAG2327Here’s a picture of how my tummy looked when it was slender, before feminizing hormones:

IMAG8624Below is what my legs used to look like.  Maybe hot, maybe not, but more muscular than I’d like:

IMAG9175-A IMAG9176-A IMAG9173-A

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