Tinted Brows

gg2015-08-06 20.21.06I’m taking a break from all the heavy-duty stuff I’ve been writing, and talking about make-up.

A pretty girl I know spends about an hour a day on make-up, and she has a full and rich life professionally and personally. An hour a day seems like a big bite out of a day. Granted, she looks gorgeous when done, and before make-up she looks … healthy and wholesome. Make-up definitely puts her in the OMG wow category.

And yet even if an hour a day could get me there … I don’t want to allocate my time as such. So I get my hair done in a way that makes it look good for several days on end, and after a wash it still looks okay. I have semi-permanent lashes and waxed eyebrows and semi-permanent eyebrow tinting to avoid the washed-out blonde look I’d otherwise have. Yes, I’m a “real” blonde.

As for my skin, I use a good facial cleanser to make and keep the pores small, and prevent blackheads.

As for smooth skin, I moisturize my eyes with eye-specific cream and the rest of my face and body with other moisturizer, and that I can do while doing other things like reading on the computer. So, I don’t do foundation, blush, etc. I try to have a naturally healthy glow instead. And sleeping enough and drinking 12+ glasses of water a day helps too. I also manage to not stress out even though I sometimes have the sort of situation that normally would make stress skyrocket.

I’ve found eyeliner and eyeshadow can do A LOT to move me towards the WOW category but it seems to be hard on the skin, and it’s time-consuming so … I hardly ever do it.

As to lipstick, I have pretty lips but a very masculine jawline so I don’t wanna go too heavy on the lipstick and look like I’m in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. My lips are naturally pink like some people’s lips are post-lipstick so I normally just put lip gloss on.

I hope this helps you if you’re a t-girl struggling with make-up. And here’s a big “thank you” to all the lovely ladies who have helped me with make-up tips and presents over the years. You know who you are, as do I. THANK YOU!!!

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