Enjoying the View from the Moral High Ground

Somehow by saying “sure, I’d be happy to mentor you” I seem to suddenly be mentoring quite a few transsexual girls on the same journey as I am.

One common thread I’m noticing, and to which I can relate to … is the feeling of being disapproved of — for being a t-girl, for wanting to be out as a t-girl, for being open about being a sexual being etc. Especially these things in combination.

Now that I’ve been clear on the basics for a while (i.e., , that I’m not crazy but I’m simply a genetic anomaly, somewhat rare but not all that much either, kinda like black panthers) its gelled with me emotionally.  This realization of “I’m OK” made my confidence level rise to levels I hadn’t thought possible. I’m kinda surprised at how good I feel about life; I’ve never experienced this level of harmony with the world before.

A good ally in the journey is my amazing younger sister, someone who got extra portions when the universe was handing out rations of looks, personality, character and brains.

So when she recently posted something that resonates with me even more than the cool things that she normally posts, I thought I’d repost it on here — with a contextual explanation and slightly cleaned-up for the parents of the teenagers who read my blog and think the “f-word” hasn’t been an integral part of the vocabulary of every child in the English-swearing world since age six.

So_True43Methinks the attitude shown in this image can be a useful tool on the journey of most t-girls. I warmly recommend it.

1 thought on “Enjoying the View from the Moral High Ground

  1. Oh my gosh! Who on earth would say such a thing as #4 on a social media site? One thing I have personally found is that I am still intrinsically the same person. Having got this far in life by sometimes over-compensating one way or another, the old nutty me is a great ally and one I tend to lean on in times of emotional uncertainty. I truely believe in the mantra PMA not PMT (positive mental attitude not pre-menstrual tension) it’s carried me up many a cliff 😉

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