Mean Folks’ Reactions to Caitlyn Jenner’s Award

To quote from a cool article in Distractify:

  • “ESPN recently awarded Caitlyn Jenner at the ESPY’s with an Arthur Ashe Courage Award. In her emotional acceptance speech, she waved the flag for transgender issues.”
  • “And there were a few people who thought C-Jenns wasn’t deserving of the acknowledgment, so they took to the web to let everyone know just how ticked off they were”

Anyway, a solider, Joey Vicente, responded most eloquently (and bravely since his opinion will no doubt make his life in the military more difficult). If you care about t-girl issues you’ll probably enjoy his response. It’s in the article.

However, many anti-transsexual folks took to Facebook and spoke out (not so nicely). I posted my own input to the thread, there:

Like Caitlyn and so many others, I was born with male plumbing and a female brain. And a few years ago I realized explicitly what was going on with me, rather than having “just” a mountain of evidence that I had kept suppressing and dismissing..

And so I chose to begin living as the girl I am, realizing that my brain categorizes me much more significantly than my plumbing does. In the process, it was helpful and validating to learn that actual autopsies have shown that, yep, some people really have male plumbing and a flat-out female brain structure, hence the female thought processes they had shown while alive. After coming out, I found three main types of reactions:

  • My science-minded friends agreed that, yep, it’s logical, go live accordingly.
  • My liberal friends were OK with me choosing to live as whomever I chose. I’m not a liberal but there’s a lot to be sad for that reaction.
  • My conservative friends, especially older-generation, disagreed with my focus on brain vs. plumbing. To them apparently those few inches of flesh were so important as to eclipse the brain in any consideration. Their definition of “male” took on a dogmatic stubbornness and they insisted on focusing on the plumbing and on ignoring the brain aspect.

Where Caitlyn comes in is that she was was a known public figure, long before the K family aspect hit the spotlight, and it’s that older generation of extra-patriotic folks who cheered her on in her Olympic victories.

So, this makes the controversy very hard to ignore. The main reason WHY living as a transsexual girl is so difficult is: the mean people’s reactions. And these are mostly found in the generation and mindset who at the time was cheering for Jenner.

It’s kinda like saying “folks who drive Volvos are loser liberals” and then someone points out that, hey, John Wayne drove one and so did Winston Churchill, General Patton, Oliver North and Ronald Reagan so maybe you wanna rethink your animosity. (I don’t know that they did drive Volvos, it’s just an example).

Coming out as a transsexual girl is hard .. really hard, But when you’re the person who is fondly remembered by and was cheered by the generation and mindset whose known attitude is vehemently negative towards transsexuals, then coming out is really, really hard and brave.

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