Me at the Hotel Pool

Okay, I’m starting to understand that feeling awkward before functioning well as a girl isn’t reserved for t-girls. Most teenage girls go through feeling awkward.  Their boobs are too small for them, or too large.  Or their legs are too thin. And they don’t move gracefully yet,. Whatever the reason, so many teenage girls just feel awkward.  Some nice adult genetically integrated girls have helped me understand that, finally. Thank you for that.

Coming out as a t-girl has many of those aspects too. And yet as far as can tell, though it’s hard to measure this stuff precisely, how self-conscious a t-girl is about her body is any times more excruciating yet.

So every victory, I relish.  Like, last night I stayed at a hotel in Las Vegas.  And yes, I went to the hotel pool, and their hot tub.  And yes, there were others there but I went anyway.  Here’s what I looked like last night just before I went to the pool.  Getting there … confidence-wise anyway.

2015-06-22 21.02.57 2015-06-22 21.03.14 2015-06-22 21.03.30 2015-06-22 21.04.01 2015-06-22 21.04.19 2015-06-22 21.04.51 2015-06-22 21.05.08 2015-06-22 20.59.09 2015-06-22 20.59.29 2015-06-22 20.59.47 2015-06-22 21.00.02 2015-06-22 21.00.17 2015-06-22 21.00.32 2015-06-22 21.00.48 2015-06-22 21.01.02 2015-06-22 21.01.19 2015-06-22 21.01.39 2015-06-22 21.01.57 2015-06-22 21.02.19 2015-06-22 21.02.40

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