T-Girl Private Parts (Emphasis on “Private”)

It’s so odd to me how so many t-girls (including me) get quizzed about our private parts as soon as the person learns we’re a t-girl and the conversation is even minimally personal.  And the person doing the quizzing is, oddly, almost always male.

It’s as if the guys are gathering data to decide if they consider me worthy of being granted the privilege of being considered a female by them, from then on.  I mean, wow, I don’t see guys quizzing non-t-girls whom they barely know about the shape of their body ‘down there.’  Imagine the reaction they’d get.  But with a t-girl it’s supposedly okay.  Except that really it’s not.  Really not.

  1. It’s rude
  2. It’s none of the guys’ business
  3. The shape of her privates doesn’t make a t-girl any more or less of a girl, fundamentally, using a science-based, non-superficial standard of what makes a girl a girl. Her brain structure remains the same, regardless: female.

I’m getting kinda tired of this sort of quizzing. Being a reasonably decent chess player, I like to anticipate and prevent issues. Ironically, during a chess game today, someone who seems to be preoccupied with my looks (as in, he likes them) went way outside normal polite guy-chess-player and female-chess-player polite conversation and told me there’s something intriguing (in a positive way, for him) about me and he can’t put his finger on it.  Exotic and erotic, is what he called it.  Well, I decided I’d finally give him the additional piece of the puzzle and I told him I’m a t-girl. Here’s how I phrased it::

I’m a t-girl (emphasis on “girl”) and no, this isn’t a license to start quizzing me about the past, present or future shape of my private parts.

I think that’s pretty good word economy, especially for me.  It normally takes me three paragraphs just to say “good morning.”

And here’s how I looked today (and no, I didn’t show this to him).

gg2015-06-09 18.02.06 gg2015-06-09 17.55.00 gg2015-06-09 18.00.39

3 thoughts on “T-Girl Private Parts (Emphasis on “Private”)

  1. This is a hotbed subject and one I’ve had a lot of personal experience with, unfortunately. Being involved with a T-girl I’ve had most of my friends, family, and even random people I’ve met all wanting to discuss my partner’s private parts. In the first year, I would divulge and get it over with thinking there was no harm and then it was no longer a topic of conversation. I’m embarrassed to say it took my girlfriend a year to convince me it was inappropriate. It was. It’s a cultural phenomenon I’m committed to changing in my own little way. When I get asked about someone’s bits, I respond by asking about their bits with 2-3 detailed questions. I turn the tables on them so they experience the feeling of such an invasive and inappropriate question. Ironically, I’ve also had to do this with a couple T-girlfriends who also pried about another’s private parts. I do give them some latitude considering where they are at with their own identities (will this be helpful knowledge? Do I have permission to share?) and if it is leaning toward catty gossip.

    • The irony is, I make no secret about having done escorting work, and I have seen a great many male parts in the process. Yes I sell time not sex but I like sex so I typically like to seduce my clients. And compared to the porn movies most guys are tiny “down there” and they probably don’t know that they’re actually average. I’ve had average-sized guys apologize to me for being small. No, dude, you’re not small, just misinformed. You’re fine. But wow if I ever decided to be a bitch about this subject matter then I could be really catty and hurtful, and I’d hit males where they’re vulnerable emotionally. God knows why so many guys based their self-worth to a genetic thing (size of their private parts) to something they have NO control over. Maybe they should be focusing on improving their character instead, Or their social skills.

      But yeah if they’re so glib and casual and insensitive about discussing MY private parts then maybe I should start doing THEIR private parts too.

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