Slim Down, then Put on Weight

I’m really careful about what I eat. I’m trying to lose about a pound per week, which is a safe rate. Yet, on my limited calories, I have to get in all the healthy fats (unsaturated and Omega-3, mainly) and all the fiber, protein etc. that a girl needs. So far so good. This morning the scale read less than 178 pounds (I have a VERY precise scale). So, I’m on my way.

I’m following some really good advice from two of the most t-girl savvy people I know. One is an experienced surgeon who specializes in facial feminization surgery. The other is a very candid and brilliant man who was married to a t-girl and who mentored and guided her along the way, with highly feminizing results.

Sometimes when I look at pictures of other t-girls, when they look like they’re beyond their early 30s, it’s really hard for me to not get distracted by the basically bulky male physique structure, even if they have pretty faces, gorgeous boobs and magnificent hair.

Kate Upton has a lovely face, great attitude, lovely hair and magnificent curves, but for me, part of what makes her so hot is that she’s also generally slender. Something about that just energizes the visual picture, for me.

I’m very aware that eating disorders are among the most deadly psychological disorders, and I’m very careful to not be overly critical of myself or others. I used to be in an intense romantic relationship with a girl who was lovely and also bulemic, so I have a little extra insight based on that.

But with these caveats clearly in mind, if the main issue with a t-girl’s looks really is that she looks too muscular, bulky or stocky, then it does make me think that some weight loss would solve that problem. And when that t-girl is me, and it is, then I’m motivated!!

Before I came out as a t-girl, I’d neglect what I eat. I went about my life and when I was hungry I ducked into a fast food place and ordered something. No surprise, my weight increased and my blood chemistry worsened.

Now that I deeply care about my health, I make a big point of eating a good breakfast even when, like today, I was in a big rush. I wouldn’t drive my car with an almost-empty fuel tank and still expect things to end well, and so nowadays I treat my body better than I do my car, which is the opposite of how many people seem to approach it; they might put expensive synthetic motor oil in their car and then go eat a big greasy hamburger with french fries. The irony of this is no longer lost on me. So, now when I do eat fast food it’s part of a plan and it’s always something that I’ve read up about well enough to know the health implications. One option that can end up being included is Subway Sandwiches, especially their egg-and-cheese sandwich, no mayo, no oil.

Even if I were to plan the perfect set of meals per day and then follow that every day it would become imperfect after the first day because some change and variety are good factors in what we eat. So, some days I eat at Subway for convenience and sometimes for variety.

The master plan is to become very svelte and then also have very healthy blood chemistry e.g., very little of the artery-clogging type of cholesterol and much of the artery-unclogging type. I want to enjoy living as a t-girl for a looooooooooooooooong time, and if what I eat makes a difference, then I choose to manage what I eat.

As to what’s svelte enough to still be healthy is a magic “so many pounds” number. Its exact value is confidential between me and the MD who said told me number, and I don’t wanna mention this and then have people try to use that number out of context whether to personally strive for it or to editorialize on the pros and cons of that particular number.

Anyway, once I’m there, then I plan to go on estrogen hormones. Right now I’m only on a less-dramatic hormone.

Once I’m on estrogen, it is probably a lot more difficult to lose weight, so the plan to do first A then B is probably wise. And then if I do put on weight, once the hormones control where the weight goes, then it’ll be to make my shape more feminine, like my thighs, hips and butt. I’m just fine with that.

LEGSI get many compliments about my legs but in my opinion the muscles are too … obvious. Less muscle and a smoothing tiny layer of fat would be improvements.

So, that’s the plan. I know I revisit this issue from time to time, so if some of this sounds familiar, I’m not surprised, but plans do change from time to time and so this is the plan made in mid-March of 2015.

PS: I edited the accompanying picture and it might look a little risque, as if I cut the picture off right below my butt, but I actually cut it quite a ways down. I have long legs!

At 190 lbs, my body mass index is 25.8 whereas my ideal weight is supposed to be in the the range 136-184 lbs.  However, my VERY muscular legs are probably a huge factor, so … I’m not too worried.

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