Big Planet, Many T-Girl Friendly Places

PLANETNow and then I look at my blog’s traffic stats and I am so happy to see how much (presumably benevolent) interest there is in t-girl culture as implied by the worldwide visitor stats. The map image is from today. (I added the “less / more” wording and blanked out the actual numbers).

It’s a big planet. Of course there are places that are hostile and dangerous to t-girls but then again for pretty much every human field of interest on the planet, there are also places hostile to that.

Fan of Islam? Don’t say that too loudly in a small town in the US Bible Belt. Fan of Christianity? Don’t say that too loudly in countries where Islam is the dominant idea set. Fan of atheism? Maybe avoid both of these places.  And so on.

So, yes, there are place where being a t-girl will get you beat up or worse but then again there are places where just being white, or being black, will have the same effect.

You can dwell on the negatives, and I suggest you do — but only long enough to avoid danger to a reasonable degree. Beyond that point, it’s probably more healthy to think of the positive places on the planet, and wow, there are many of them..

For t-girls, it’s getting better, too. I was in Germany a month ago, and I’m very obviously a t-girl. With one lone grumpy exception, the Germans were all super-nice to me (and some were even more nice than that, to where it became necessary to say, “wow, thank you, but no thank you, I don’t do that.”)

Somehow seventy years ago I don’t think people would have been quite as nice to me in Germany. For that matter, in the US seventy years ago, same thing. Or even twenty years ago. Or ten. Or five. Wow. It’s a good time to be alive.




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