Jezebel? Me? Wow.


So today, my male contractor hands me the keys and quits because someone who has seen me around town and/or near my office has started the rumor that he’s having an affair with “that woman” (being me). He has been seen coming to work early and leaving late. Indeed, he does work long hours sometimes.

But if I had a work-place affair with the guy, I’m sure I’d remember it even if my short-term memory nowadays isn’t as good as it used to be. And I don’t remember any of it, and it’s supposed to be going on every day. If I’m unable to remember it, and it’s happening daily, it must be literally mind-blowingly good sex. Or maybe it’s not happening and it’s all just gossip.

This gentleman is a nice guy and all, and I consider him a friend, but I’m smart enough to see more problems than benefits by going to bed with him even I were interested, which (no offense intended) I’m not.

So, my reaction was “well, that IS funny, and innocent until proven guilty, and since nothing happened, there’s nothing that can be proven, so no worries and let’s get back to work, shall we?” No. Apparently his church is now going to get involved and it’s all going to be a big inquiry but maybe if I go testify and tell them nothing happened … that’s the point where I told him if I went to chat with his church group it would not be a pleasant conversation for them, and he might be wise to save them the pain of having me remind them that that the Dark Ages are over, they were the reason the Dark Ages were dark, they’ve lost the cultural-dominance war and they might as well start adhering to solid rules of logic, including that it’s flat-out impossible to prove innocence and it’s up to an accuser to prove guilt in any sort of reason-based decision process.

The irony is that I haven’t been ridden by *any* guy for months now. So to have this event occur on the same day as I’m bemoaning my celibate status … is supremely ironic.

I guess i can take some solace in the fact that the focus is on me looking hot enough to be like Jezebel and not that I’m a t-girl. The latter part didn’t even come up in the conversation. Jeez. I mean, wow.

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